From James Wolcott:

Trump’s rise precipitated a rift between the online, untamed “alt-right”—a compact euphemism for a cannibal stew of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, wildfire rumormongers, open-carry Second Amendment absolutists, and similar cuck slingers—and established conservative publications such asCommentary, National Review, and The Weekly Standard, which seemed to have learned their lessons after the frazzled flameout of their former darling, Sarah Palin. National Review took the unprecedented step of publishing a special issue titled “Against Trump,” also available as an e-book, which constituted a bill of indictment against the tin-pot tycoon. “Against Trump” was received with scorn (“lame and heavy-handed”) at, which, following the death of its founder, the bellowing provocateur Andrew Breitbart, retooled itself as the one-stop shopping place for alt-right pseudo-journalism—fifty shades of scare tactics. Bringing former Breitbart News executive chairman Steve Bannon aboard the Trump campaign as C.E.O. formalized the alliance of the alt-right and the host body of the Republican Party that Trump is now renting. It wasn’t just upstarts from the black lagoon of the Internet joining the Trump enterprise. It collected retreads too: Rudy Giuliani, still milking 9/11 for every last dime and applause line it’s worth; junior-varsity Valkyries Kellyanne Conway (veteran consultant), Ann Coulter (author of In Trump We Trust), and Laura Ingraham, who greeted Trump at the Republican convention with what appeared to anyone with a functioning brain like a Nazi salute (and subsequently became part of Trump’s presidential debate-prep dream team); and the inescapable Newt Gingrich, climbing on the burro yet again. A nostalgia act, Newt and the three Vals had their heyday in the 1990s burlesque era of the Bill Clinton scandals, a nonstop bout of hysterics stoked by the new bully on the block, Fox News, launched in 1996. Its founding C.E.O. and dominating orchestrator was Roger Ailes, whose ideological DNA became the network’s operating system. Upon departing Fox News after a barrage of sexual-harassment accusations, he has found a new role as Trump’s stogie-sucking ringside manager.

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