The Audacity of Trump

I’ve read predictions for Donald Trump from Chomsky, Nader, Hedges and West, who make up the four horsemen of the political wilderness, or what used to be the left.  To a man, they don’t give the new administration a chance or certainly worse.  And yet, according to Steve Bannon,  while the fake news repeats whatever the NYT publishes, Trump has called 80 foreign leaders and already appointed a number of important positions, including GOP head, Reince Priebus.

Consider the plight of the left, abused as it is by the Democratic party and its neoliberal, globalist and imperial establishment.  Again, according to Bannon, it concerns itself only with the super-rich and assumes the poor will continue to vote for subsistence support, while allowing millennials the false hope of Bernie Sanders.  The left holds out the promise of prosperity through progress, whereas, according to John Michael Greer,  progress is the enemy of prosperity.  Progress which puts all the wealth in the hands of the few is only prosperity for them.  The GOP establishment is also guilty of being greedheads, and that is why the Trump admin will be, according to Bannon, economic nationalism, with lots of spending not resembling conservatism.  The idea being to create lots of jobs for anyone wanting to work and going a long way toward appealing to the desperate electorate.  Of course, there’ll be lots of fascism toward the fake media, immigrants and the wealthy, especially those convicted or chargeable with crimes.

And yet members of the discouraged left look on as the right is energized.  I’m not concerned about the Soros-funded anti-Trump protests.  After all, it’s not like they have guns.  Any real dust up with Trump supporters would be a massacre.  While the fake news is in locked step with this paid pageant, I think real liberals are incensed at what has been done to them by the Clintons.  They had a real chance to win with Sanders.  So, let’s agree there’s probably not a lot of real enmity toward Trump on the left, as he won fair and square against impossible odds.  And frankly, those liberals who can’t see that are probably unreachable, anyway.

Yes, nationalism gave us fascist regimes in Europe and elsewhere, but it also gave us the Declaration of Independence.  At that time, America was too large and unpopulated for fascism or socialism.  Those in the cities read Thomas Paine, whose Common Sense helped create the broad understanding of truths necessarily for political action.  As the founding fathers created a federal government out of nothing, it is a common goal of nationalists and conservatives currently to greatly reduce the government where it relates to globalism and imperialism.  And as the military budget is obscene, peace and isolationism offer a fantastic dividend, part of which can be applied to an infrastructure long-neglected due to neoliberalism.

In decades perhaps, a restored middle class will want a classical education, the horrifying yoke of postmodernism will be removed from our universities and veneration of the past will return.  Until then, I think fascism will be used to punish perceived enemies and socialism is possible should one or another powerful Trump faction come to the fore, but gun rights activists don’t have a broad political agenda and neither do the Christians.  The Libertarians are Visigoths with no agenda beyond neoliberal rapacious privatization.

Hopefully, many on the left will finally deal with their cognitive dissonance and awaken from the delusion of authoritarianism, like hostages freed of Stockholm syndrome.  But so long as the super-rich hold sway in the government and media, effects of the blue pill will remain strong.  Meanwhile, the world rejoices at the death of 40 years of economic and military fascism practiced abroad.  This has resulted in Russia and China making great military strides to defend against the WWIII that Obama very nearly gave them.  Even so, the atrocities in the Middle East, North Africa and Ukraine which Bush and Obama perpetrated continue.  To really have peace, the US-Saudi-Israel alliance funding these wars must come to an end.  This is why I contend Putin is a great American.  Perhaps, in our absence, he can cool the Sunni vs. Shia conflict we have been stoking with terrorism in the pursuit of oil all these years.  And hopefully, he can somehow reel in Erdogan’s totalitarian purge in Turkey.

As it becomes apparent to everyone that progress is the enemy of prosperity, perhaps we’ll return to an age of Paine’s Common Sense, where we get to know our neighbors again and participate in local unions and government.  We are not meant to be governed, but to conduct our affairs with kindness and charity toward others.  If every citizen practiced enlightened self-interest by fair dealing in good faith, government could exist merely as a security against unforeseen calamity and opposition to the ignorant and evil, who will always be among us.

Rather than a war-torn dystopia, the election of Trump offers the chance of redressing many of our illegal, cruel and murderous policies from a government captured by the privileged for their entitlement at our expense.  Of course, opportunity for grave mistakes looms on every side, but a majority of citizens have said no to the status quo, no matter the consequences, and stand ready to do their parts, if only asked.  It’s been a long time since more has been asked of them beyond silent suffering and death.

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