Fake News

For years, I have been using alternative websites to understand the economy and  battle false narratives regarding Ukraine and the assault by the IMF, World Bank, State Dept., Monsanto and the Bidens on their democracy, in a so-far vain attempt to lure Russia into war.  It didn’t help that Putin pawned Obama in Syria and Crimea, despite the Ukies downing MH-17 and blaming Russia.

But before that, I used Zero Hedge and Naked Capitalism to understand the Ponzi being perpetrated by the Fed with ZIRP to the TBTF banksters.  They also illustrated HFT and the exodus of retail investors from equity markets.

During the 2014 Maidan Revolution in Ukraine, I was thrilled by reports from Robert Parry at Consortium News of the evil deeds being perpetuated by Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland and her neocon friends at Hillary’s State Dept.  I found The Saker and came to love Russians in their defense of the Donbas.

David Stockman became my go to economist.

I discovered Modern Monetary Theory, sovereign wealth and the promise of a Universal Basic Income.

I learned about Wall Street’s Fix the Debt campaign, fronted by Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles’ catfood commission to cut the social safety net.

I enjoyed James Howard Kunstler and Paul Craig Roberts.

Roubini, Taleb and Orlov.  It was a doomer’s paradise.

Nafeez Ahmed brought me to my knees with reports of the Pentagon’s Highland Forum, the Rendon Group and their creation of Chalabi in Iraq.  And then the exhaustive evidence that Google and Facebook were financed by CIA/NSA.

And during those years, I clung desperately to Chris Hedges at Truthdig as my moral compass and religious mentor.  Since 2010, my struggle against the tea party relied on Hofstadter, Altermeyer and Lofgren to understand authoritarians and the GOP plan to discourage voters.

With the sudden advent of a Trump presidency, I struggled to find any support, only to discover the common sense of ZH and NC commenters, upon whom I rely to this day for credible filters.

NC introduced me to John Michael Greer, who blew my mind and yet again reordered my consciousness regarding class struggle, of which any other is illusion.

For over a year, the MSM bashed Trump 24-7 and yet he prevailed, in no doubt due to alternative media.  Everything is a lie.  Make exceptions where necessary.

So, imagine my surprise that a WaPo reporter would have the temerity to call these precious arbiters of truth, upon whom I had come to depend, fake news.  After weeks of daily Wikileaks, the evil warmongering queen was brought lo and truth yet prevailed, only to be impugned by the wicked and the ignorant.

“C” at MI-6 just weighed in on the side of the false narrative and it remains to be seen whether the light will be buried by the dark, or truth lives.  My country kills babies and shells hospitals in Syria, while Russia prosecutes 3rd gen warfare in Aleppo to perfection.  It is woefully apparent that the US, unable to engage or defend asymmetric urban warfare, must resort to terrorism to achieve their aims.  It used to be that we merely supported jihadists.  Now, we have become them.

I’ve been watching Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the US and I simply fell in love with Henry Wallace.  What an evil turn came with Harry Truman.  We’ve been chewing at the heels of Russia since WWII, bullying them with threats of thermonuclear destruction.  Well, the worm has turned and that shit will no longer fly.

Andrew Cockburn said last week that Russia had negligible sea assets in some sad paleocon attempt to paint them as militarily marginalized, when generations of nuclear threat have actually fed the incremental development of world-dominating aircraft, munitions and defense assets.  Indeed, while Russia has but one ancient aircraft carrier, it has a class of subs built for a single purpose: to hunt and kill the eleven US carriers.  Sure, it has but one nuclear battleship, but it dominates the battlefield with electronic countermeasures, as in Ukraine and Syria.

WWIII is being fought in Aleppo and Mosul, and the West is losing.  Bannon understands this, whether or not Flynn and Mattis do.  The latter two oversaw a lost generation of special forces committed to a failed counterterrorism doctrine, whereas the Russian general staff utilized veterans in Ukraine and conscripts in Syria to defeat our best ideas.  In other words, fuck Flynn and Mattis: they are proven losers and emblematic of the death of reality in preference for illusion.

The battle against false narratives has claimed most of my friends and family, as they fall away one by one, including my wife and a couple of the cats.  I am relegated to a solitary local existence, befriended only by strangers online whom I will never meet.  Those who know me consider me a crushing bore because of my insistent contrarian opinions.  Apathy and ignorance conspire to confound me at every turn.

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