Ok, Yes came on and I can’t follow that, so I put down the guitar, drank some water, washed the dishes, and now I’m about to have a rare fifth Red Nose, because I can.  To be fair, the Wife never criticized my drinking at Le Cafe Pour Un, so long as there was wine.  But at the He-Man Woman Hater’s Club House, when we are here during the week, some effort is made  toward decorum.  We have to work, tomorrow.

I contend that what I am about to discuss cannot be approached soberly.  Styx Castle Walls is playing on Pandora.  How perfect.  I don’t have children and never wanted them.  As a child during the ’60s, I was all fucked up by ads for starving African children; that and practicing hiding under the desk (best synth ever) in the event of of thermonuclear annihilation.  You get my point.  I felt deep compassion for mankind.

Excuse the fuck out of me, but I never managed to get it out of my system.  On a typical day I go from ultimate sorrow at the plight of those I encounter to simmering outrage at the privileged entitlement of those who push us around.  (ELO rules)  I like to think I’m somewhere in the middle, but essentially insane from what I witness.

Given that I’m an insane psychopath, I desperately want socialism to go along with coming nationalism.  For the slow, that didn’t work out so well last time.  I contend that Trump is not Hitler, but someone profoundly more comfortable in his megalomania.  He’s gathered about him four retired generals and a member of Seal Team 6, in the very likely events of WWIII and/or civil war.  I admit opps for socialism do not look good.

OTOH, if the paleocons, in their approach to the advantages of peace and isolationism, using the dividends to rebuild said infrastructure, could (Mammagamma is the bomb) manage to also discredit the Fix the Debt Wall Street grifters who want to cut the social safety net, by introducing the reality of Modern Monetary Theory and the imperative of sovereign wealth in crisis, our current deflationary death spiral might be ameliorated with common sense, as was intended by our Creator, whoever that might be.

Toward such fervent prayers for the least of us, as instructed by fucking Jesus in The Gospels, I suggest:

The stunning success of the Bernie Sanders campaign was predicted by almost no-one, including on the radical left itself. For the first time in almost seven decades, the possibility of a mass socialist party that extended beyond the usual suspects suddenly seemed an actual possibility in the United States and, by extension, in Canada as well.

The Sanders phenomenon not only caught the Left by surprise; it also went against the grain of the socialist left’s traditional warning that nothing could come from running under the banner of the Democratic Party. After all, it had been the Democrats under Carter that first initiated the neoliberal period and in sixteen of the last twenty-four years the Democrats had been in office implementing neoliberal policies.

Pink Floyd’s Pigs is underrated.

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