Zionism Controls Us

From Paul Craig Roberts:

Bannon is correct that the US media – indeed, the entire Western print and TV media – is nothing but a propaganda machine for the ruling elite…

It is paradoxical that the Democrats and the liberal-progressive-left are mobilizing the anti-war movement to oppose Trump’s anti-war policy!..

Trump needs to understand that “the Muslim threat” is a hoax created by the neoconservatives and the military/security complex with the complicity of the presstitutes to serve the hegemony agenda and the budget and power of the CIA, Pentagon, and military industries. If the US stops bombing and slaughtering Muslims and training and equiping forces to overthrow non-compliant Muslim governments such as Syria, Iraq, and Libya, “the Muslim threat” will disappear.

The Wife and I had Friday off, so after I shipped, we drove over to Hillsborough, hit Weaver Street Market for items on her new diet.  I picked up a four pack of 16 ounce cans of Light Scottish Ale from Mystery Brewing, on the West End of the Eno river walk, where there’s also a great BBQ joint.  We walked up Churton to La Place, where the Wife had a perfectly-seared tuna over greens and I had the Acadian sampler of “chicken and andouille gumbo, crawfish étouffée, red beans & rice.”  I’d had it before and it was great.  Back home, I fell in love with the Scottish Ale.

Yesterday, after work, I came home and turned on FOX News, only to find them towing the same tired lie that Russian hacked the election.  I’ve switched to right wing radio during drive time and have to put up with Sean Hannity demonizing Russia.  It’s as bad as NPR.  And that is why I cling to Zero Hedge and Naked Capitalism for filters, even though the former has a reputation for picking on Jews in the comments.  I don’t mind being called an  anti-Semite by Zionists, who could just as easily be Christian and I recognize many Israelis don’t support Zionism.

Whatever.  The fact remains virtually all of the corporate media espouse a Zionist doctrine, regardless of who owns them.  Last week, we saw the welcome departure of State Dept. political appointees, including the architect of the 2014 Ukrainian Maidan coup, Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland.  Hopefully, their replacements, like Tillerson, will ameliorate the Zionist influence among career staff.

A commenter posted the lie attributed to Voltaire about who really controls us and was actually penned by a white supremacist.  A discussion ensued regarding the Jews, but was quickly refuted.   I am under no illusions that we haven’t always lived with huge lies, but here we have an opportunity to use these lies to expose the media, prevent war and ruin corporate influence.

PCR is considered an anti-Semite and if that is one of the consequences of opposing Zionism, so be it.  We can provide an astonishing record of corruption, murder and needless suffering, presumably in the name of Israel, but just as often from corporate interests.  And then we have Nafeez Ahmed from 2015:

The escalation of the crisis in Yemen threatens to spiral into a full-scale Sunni-Shia regional war-by-proxy.

Since 9/11, every country in the region touched by major US interference has collapsed into civil war as their social fabric has been irreversibly shattered: Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya.

The ensuing arc of sectarian warfare bears uncanny resemblance to scenarios explored in a little-known study by an influential Washington DC defence contractor.

Unfolding the Future of the Long War, a 2008 RAND Corporation report, was sponsored by the US Army Training and Doctrine Command’s Army Capability Integration Centre. It set out US government policy options for prosecuting what it described as “the long war” against “adversaries” in “the Muslim world,” who are “bent on forming a unified Islamic world to supplant Western dominance”.

Bannon, Flynn and Mattis are modern day Crusaders bent on war against Shia Islam on behalf of Sunni allies of Israel.  US foreign policy has been subborned by the Israel First crowd in a traitorous prosecution of war.  If exerting undue influence is a crime, the Zionist media is guilty.

Russia is allied with Shia Muslims and therefore becomes a natural enemy of Zionism.

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