Army of the Damned

It is no accident that I am relegated to watching Chris Hedges on RT, as a refugee from corporate media and fake news.  We watch paid rioters setting things afire and wait for The Resistance to develop an ideology, now that the Left has sold off the crown jewels of peace, education and labor.  Meanwhile, people like Hedges and Tulsi Gabbard take up these causes and speak to a segment of the population not poisoned with authoritarianism, but resolute in their opposition to neocon/neolib as well as alt-right versions of fascism.

As a resident of North Carolina, I’ve had a front row seat to the Koch brothers’ Libertarian assault on government, driven by ALEC small government policies designed to privatize public assets on behalf of crony capitalists.  This too was the result of sclerotic liberal politics now writ large.  Whereas Bannon, Flynn and Mattis are waging a modern day Crusade against Islam, the Koch brothers continue to back the discredited GOP establishment.  It is significant that Bannon, Flynn and Mattis are warmongers, whereas Libertarians tend to be paleocon Nationalists.  HB2, the NC Legislature’s deranged bathroom law against LGBTs, is a perfect example of Christofascist wilding committed by useful idiots.  Trump falls into that class.

John Michael Greer says progress is the enemy of prosperity and that is where the Left find themselves.  Until they emerge from the political wilderness, the war against evil must somehow align proponents of Classical Liberalism, like Hedges, and Nationalist paleocons, if not  Libertarians.  Indeed they each support peace, education and labor for different reasons, one compassionate and the other patriotic.  OTOH, Trump’s MAGA meme is only for the wealthy and extends the status quo of permanent war against Shia Muslims abroad and the poor domestically.

The existence and format of Russia Today expresses the way forward for this anti-authoritarian coalition.  Once you understand that Putin’s Russia leads the world in marginalizing the wealthy rather than the poor, it makes sense that RT is the new beacon of freedom for the enlightened from Europe to the US.  It is ironic that nationalists the world over share a bond in support of peace, education and labor on behalf of our citizens.  As Putin declared years ago, we must free ourselves of oppression from nationless globalized oligarchs before they wipe us out.

Left wing authoritarianism lies in cognitively dissonant tatters, whereas those on the Zionist Right are being managed to promote continued imperialism.  US domestic and foreign policy practiced on behalf of Israel is traitorous, a word having no meaning among the nationless.  If the US is to regain its sovereignty, these Zionist neocon/neolib elements must be purged from our government.

This is an Herculean if not impossible task and those who take it upon themselves have little to no reason to be hopeful of anything resembling victory in their lifetime.  And yet, it is the right thing to do.  The US is under siege from within and freedom-loving peoples everywhere, like RT, do what they can, just as they have in Ukraine, to support patriots waging war in defense of freedom.

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