From Outraged in the comments at Moon of Alabama:

Trump and his advisors are re-igniting potential for conflict around the globe, whilst simultaneously aggravating allies and neutrals, with an eye to throwing red meat to their base domestically.

And the gorilla in the room re all this BS re terrorism and Iran, is Sunni/Wahhabist/ISIS/Al-Qaeda/Al-Saud/Qatar/GCC Terrorism, and the active creation, support and plausibly-deniable directions thereof by the US and suborned allies to a lesser degree going back decades, yet most blatantly the last 16 years.

Iran a State sponsor of Terrorism ? Hah! No, the US of A, is. And so too are the rest of the ‘Usual Suspects‘.

Perfidious Albion in partnership with France started all this 100 years ago with classic Divide & Rule. Created Saudi Arabia and elevated the insignificant tribe of Al-Saud Wahhabists when they were drawing lines on maps in the ME during and subsequent to WWI, in service of their Empire, command authority and control was handed off to the US after WWII when the Brits became a lapdog junior partner with a mythical ‘Special Relationship’…

Ironically, Bannon’s takeover of Breitbart, which was once devoted more to financialand political corruption under Andrew, and only became an alt-right fascist propaganda rag after Bannon took over, is, in many ways, similar to the takeover of Israel by the former-Soviets emigrating in after the wall fell, and pushing the original Sephardim Kibbutzim out of power, creating the alt-right fascist state of Israel today. Even more ironic, Trump-Bannon ‘won’ by the same low ratio of (total potential) voters, as Netanyahu-Likkud ‘won’, about a 1/3 super-minority, the same ratio as number of former Soviets who emigrated. Then you hold these two warm piles of sticky poo in your hands, and ask yourself, if these two get together, will it create a critical mass and turn the Earth into a steaming phosphorescent radioactive s’hole?..

The ‘Raid’ on the village in Yemen was a Terrorist act. Every Droning, every ‘targeted killing’, every covert assassination, every ‘Military’ attack on civilian infrastructure, etc, around the globe, is a terrorist act. Every life taken by US & coalition forces, directly or indirectly in Yemen/Syria/Libya/Afghanistan/Iraq/Somalia, etc, in undeclared War & breach of a nation States sovereignty, is a terrorist act…

Fundamentally, until people come to understand that the application of lethal force by a conventional military, simply because they may wear a uniform, etc, does not exempt that use of lethal force from the Geneva Conventions, International Law, Sovereign State rights, nor the Laws of War … and therefore reject such State funded/sanctioned/ordered terrorism/barbarism, theGlobal War on Terra,, will continue …

However, rational realist commanders with ‘character’ have over time been systematically ‘weeded-out’ and replaced with politically careerist/opportunistic suborned officers. Ie, Chief of Staff of the Army Shinseki removal for questioning the insufficient troop numbers planned for post Invasion Iraq, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace for daring to correct Donald Rumsfeld during a public Congressional hearing on Torture & the UCMJ, Admiral Fallon re the ‘consequences’ of launching any war against Iran, the removal of General Taguba for conducting an actual investigation as opposed to a whitewash re Abu Ghraib, and so on…

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