Pence as Brutus

From Larchmonter445 at The Saker:

Saker, as you know very well my warnings that Flynn was the keystone, the means through which reform could come to IC, MIC, Deep State—the wombs of Khazarian Russophobia and Hegemony—I agree with you completely that your analysis is correct. It is over.

Trump will not be able to control Pompeo or Mattis.
Trump will not be able to penetrate the Deep State and uproot the warmongers.
Trump will not be able to end the Hegemony.

What he presented as stiff opening arguments against Iran and Russia are now weaponized with his signature on them. Ukraine will be on some budget line and kept viable. Syria will be a target again per Wolfowitz-Perle and Bibi.

Where ceasefire and peace was possible we will get more war and chaos.

ISIS will not be defeated anywhere soon. Russia will be forced to supply regular troops soon if it intends to clean out ISIS and al Nusra while it can. Or it will be bogged down (US goal for certain.)

Now, for what we must do: keep exposing the tools and persons who removed Flynn.
This was all at the surface of the Deep State. Most of the players were visible. No subtle, covert operation this assassination. And from that careful documentation we can keep “outing” the enemy within.

Trump, sadly, may have bought a one-term Presidency when he let this become a neocon issue.
His daughter and son-in-law tamping down his instincts to fight have been a huge disservice.
Bannon, a hegemonic ideologue in foreign policy, certainly would not protect Flynn. Bannon served the Naval Intel world in his career, and nothing good has ever come out of US Naval Intel. They plotted against their own man, JFK.

We, have, a hard choice. Despair and gnash our teeth, or continue to expose the evil operators inside the US government. Spare the Trump-bashing. He erred hugely. But it was predictable. Flynn was a wild card warrior. He was fearless and reckless in behalf of his mission. Trump sent him to the Russians. They had to know the outcome would be intense heat.

But what was unknown, the treachery in the inner circle. Pence is fully exposed now. Trump knows this clearly. He can’t share that with anyone. His circle is filled with like-minded who would serve Pence more comfortably than Trump himself.

Pence is Brutus. Watch him as he goes to the Munich meeting.
He is pure Neo-Con and a treacherous liar himself.

No greater threat exists to Peace than a traitor to the nation and the opportunity for Detente being thrown away.

Trump failed to protect his warrior. But the Intel agencies were withholding approvals of deputies’ clearances. They had denied Robin Townley, deputy for Africa a clearance for NSC. This signaled that they would undermine Flynn and Trump every day like the Dems have with the nominations and street riots. It was all Trump could do to try to get control of things. Messaging was scrambled, forward movement was stalled. He had to jettison Flynn. But it was all on him. He didn’t control Pence and marginalize him. He faced Pence and blinked.

Sad. Maybe Tragic. But, Trump has comeback potential. It just won’t be with the Intel Community.
He has to find leverage from elsewhere. Probably, why he’s talking to Chris Christie. I suspect DOJ and Sessions is one weapon. Maybe they will bring Christie in to DOJ, if he has a huge role, and use him to prosecute the leakers in Deep State. It’s only a guess.

Listen to Pence, watch Mattis. And know that Pompeo is more of the same in CIA.

Also, Kelly in DHS is weak and a go-along general. He’ll test the wind.

What has happened is Trump thought he had built a citadel using Flynn and the generals around him, with Mattis and Kelly. It has all been turned into a prison, and Trump is hostage.

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