My Reply to Auslander

Here’s my comment at The Saker:

The MSM and IC teamed up to create quite a lot of chaos with leaks and fake news, which Trump dealt with handily today and will continue to deal with regularly.

Millions of us threw caution to the wind rather than live one more day under the status quo, supported and voted for a bombastic political neophyte.

Most of us have jobs to pay the bills and not a lot of time to protest. But in our spare time, we’re reading The Saker, Auslander and Larchmonter445 to try and get views not poisoned by false narratives. Since 2014, your services have been invaluable and I thank you.

But don’t count us out just when we’re getting started. It took a long time for things to get this bad and will take a while to eat these elephants one bite at a time.

And don’t give up on the kid from Brooklyn who was never quite good enough. He has a fire in the belly to establish his legacy by making the world a better place, and he has a lot of help.

I’m encouraged that Bannon and Putin are brothers-in-arms against the nationless oligarchs. Flynn taught Trump that the Zionists are too powerful to be denied, so they will make pig noises about Crimea and Iran. But they know Shia Muslims control Iraq and Syria, which we broke, and that our military is in no shape to defeat them.

They also know that Russian electronic warfare devices prevent imposition of a no-fly zone in Ukraine and Syria. NATO is still reeling from what the NAF did to the UAF, using drones to coordinate missile and artillery attacks.

Mad dog Mattis will bray like a mule about war, but the West can’t even defend against asymmetrical warfare in Iraq or Astan. So, it will be loud and ugly, but there will be peace.

The West has demonized Russia since WWII, primarily as an excuse to fund the military. It will take a while yet to reprogram the West to understand many Russians are Christians just like them.

There will be war in Europe and America against the wealthy and powerful who are responsible for our sad predicaments. I have no hope for Europe, but the USA is the most armed citizenry in the history of the world. Most of the wealth is on paper, so the inevitable financial reset will erase a lot of that and ruin those holding a lot of debt.

We know what is coming and have been preparing for it for years. When the time comes, it is comforting to know that Putin and the Russians have gone before us and shown the way. They are a great people. It remains to be seen whether those of us in the West are as good, but I remain hopeful, especially after Trump’s press conference today.


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