Please Bomb America

Here’s my comment at The Saker:

I have been reading Chris Hedges’ articles at Truthdig on Mondays for years and received a good education regarding Arendt, Popper, Baldwin and other people who have written about social injustice. He too, has been pleading for revolution, but knows why it is not occurring.

Sheldon Wolin, late professor Emeritus at Princeton, wrote Democracy, Inc. and coined Inverted Totalitarianism or corporatized democracy. In essence, America’s worship of materialism makes them debt slaves, cowering in their homes, ignorant, afraid, medicating with alcohol and drugs, and hoarding guns and ammo.

Americans are cowards because they worship false gods. Worst of all are the Christian evangelicals, who believe in magic, are xenophobic and express that fear as hatred. They are false Christians who blame the victim and believe in prosperity gospel. The Christofascists are useful idiots for Libertarians and Zionists. These are the real enemies of democracy and their support of Trump is rabid.

Thanks to Obomber, they own many state houses as well as Congress, and thanks to gerrymander, will rule for some time to come. In effect, America’s second civil war has already been fought and won by the Visigoths, who busily privatize public assets and terrorize the Left with bathroom bills targeting transgenders.

Trump is merely the result of this victory. So, stop waiting for Trump supporters to take to the streets, like Soros-funded basement dwellers. I’ve been sued, threatened and thrown out of the house because of my war against the Christofascists. But as Reinhold Niebuhr expressed, I suffer from “sublime madness” from being unable to stand by and witness, lest I be complicit.

So, please stop being reasonable and bomb America before we have to do it to ourselves.

My comment did not make it through moderation.

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