The Death of Realism

All my heroes are succumbing to delusion.

Matt Taibbi and The Onion have lost their senses of humor in pursuit of Trump.

Chris Hedges’ weekly gnashing of teeth over Trump has returned him to the political wilderness.

Glenn Greenwald suggested this week that intel community leakers were justified regarding Mike Flynn.

The Saker twice responded to the soft coup against Flynn by declaring Trump’s presidency over and his top commenters agreed.

My recent comment at The Saker was not approved because I used the word Christofascist.

Moon of Alabama has lost focus and wandered into stenography.

It is no wonder that Trump couldn’t keep up opposition to the Zionist warmongers.

Cultural Marxism says that truth cannot be offensive.

Unfortunately, reality is increasingly offensive.  Fascists and warmongers must be named for the evil they represent, whether you like it or not.


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