Turkey Blocked From Syria

From Moon of Alabama:

For the first time since the start of the war the supply lines between Turkey and the Islamic State are cut off!..

Last year Erdogan had allied with Russia and Iran after a (U.S. supported?) coup attempt against him failed. He felt left alone by the U.S. and its reluctance to support his plans in Syria. After Trump was elected Erdogan perceived a coming change in U.S. policies. He exposed himself as the ultimate turncoat and switched back to a U.S. alliance. His believe in a change of U.S. policy drives his latest moves and announcements.

Elijah Magnier reports that his sources in Damascus have the same impression of Trump as Erdogan. They believe that Trump will strongly escalate in Syria and will support the Turkish moves against the Syrian state.

But it is the U.S. military that drives the strategy in the Trump cabinet. The Pentagon has no appetite for a big ground operation in Syria. The plan it offered Trump is still the same plan that it offered under Obama. It will work with Kurdish forces to defeat the Islamic State in Raqqa. Notable is also that a director of the Pentagon financed think tank RAND Corp publicly argues for better cooperation with Russia in Syria. The old RAND plan of a decentralized Syrian with zones under “international administration” (i.e. U.S. occupied) is probably no longer operative.

From the comments:

The Kurds have one choice: be lapdogs of U.S. interests, or be annihilated by any of Turkey, ISIS or the Syrian Government. Kurdish nationalism has been corrupted for the most evil of intent…

Pre-Trump, no-one, anywhere, was prepared to even TRY to do what Trump has OFFERED to do…

With the SAA cutting off ISIS access to Turkish supplies and recapturing Palmyra, one thing we must expect is that ISIS will commit more atrocities at a speed and intensity that can only be described as frenzied and sociopathic. The word “brutal” won’t even begin to describe the level of violence they are likely to carry out. There have been reports that ISIS is pressing children into military service and torturing and killing its own members (including women) suspected of desertion or trying to leave their territories. ISIS actions are likely to force the CIA and any other shadow agency (Mossad? MI6?) to show their hand in propping them up, in ways that will reveal more clearly how the West has been aiding anti-Assad forces since 2011…

I read once that under ISIS ideology the End of Days battle between Muslims and “Romans” (Christians) is supposed to happen on the west bank of the Euphrates north of Homs. We might soon find out if they mean it or not. And I agree, with their situation looking hopeless they could enact their own fantasies of apocalypse wherever they end up remaining…

“If a cat goes missing, Putin must have eaten it.”

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