Ollie North on Five Eyes

Those of you so unfortunate as to be listening to Sean Hannity today also heard Ollie North describe Five Eyes in relation to Susan Rice and the unmasking of available NSA intel.  He may as well have mentioned ALEC or the Koch Brothers, as the WC Fields of right wing radio segued into another bloviation on a different subject.

From Wayne Madsen:

At a meeting of Five Eyes agencies at GCHQ headquarters on April 22-23, 2008, it was agreed that the five agencies would share their intercepted bulk data with one another, even if it includes their own citizens.

The media alludes to incidental intel from normal surveillance of foreign governments, but Five Eyes provides carte blanche of domestic intel to anyone with XKEYSCORE access.  It literally is an irresistible temptation to a POTUS and his people.

What you’re seeing in descriptions of this is encapsulation to avoid inconvenient truths.  Fortunately, Ollie North, the ultimate loose cannon, still has it.

As regards Rice, and of course, her confederates, Brennan and Lynch, access to Five Eyes SIGINT rivals any villainous James Bond scenario.  Of course, we’re only as good as those around us, as it is doubtful these three possessed required skills.  But a bigger problem remains: the vast and ephemeral nature of data.  It’s been described as looking into a fire hose and poses the most daunting challenge of choosing what to save.

Effective aggregation of Five Eyes intel would require collaboration between producer and user.  Read the cited link above for lots of instances where that happened.  I hope the Overton Window comes to include Five Eyes and it is shut down.  The arrangement is as vile a product of globalism imaginable.

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