Veteran, Eat Your Gun

On this day, when we remember the crucifixion and preposterous resurrection of Christ, the rock star, it is entirely appropriate that I bring attention to monstrous hypocrisy.  To wit, if you joined the US military or were drafted and swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, you are complicit in war crimes.  But you are only a hypocrite if you also consider yourself a Christian.

I realize you’ve been hailed as a hero for defending our country, but that is a lie.  All military actions since the birth of our nation have been illegal acts of conquest over innocent citizens, resulting in untold needless misery and death.  Worse, these actions have been for the benefit of corporations and the enrichment of their stockholders, which likely included you, doubling your complicity.

Two dozen vets die every day, many by their own hand as I suggest, for many reasons, but often due to inescapable regret for what they have done or witnessed.  Special forces operators suffer much greater propensity for alcohol and drug abuse due to being misused by craven politicians and obsequious warmongering generals.

Whereas officers swore an oath, all military service members who consider themselves Christian, and even those who don’t, have a moral obligation to refrain from killing innocents.  If you have sought forgiveness and objected to being called a hero, perhaps exception is in order, but if you take pride in your military service, frankly we are better off without you, as the fake patriotism you perpetuate only ends in more illegal wars.

Primarily due to your efforts, the USA has rightfully become the world’s most hated nation.  False Christians spewing fake patriotism embolden warmongering leaders like Donald Trump to perpetuate war crimes on behalf of Wall Street.  Sooner, rather than later, the demoralized US military will go up against someone other than weak despots and suffer a horrible defeat, due to ineffective weapons, training and leadership.  And then, finally the false narrative of American exceptionalism will be put to rest.

Until then, the best thing you can do for your country is to put a towel over your head and pull the trigger.  Once you realize following orders was an act of cowardice, it won’t be so hard.  Of course, as a Christian, you’re not terribly bright, so I’ll put it in terms even you can understand:

Jesus did not ride dinosaurs with an AR-15 on his lap.

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2 Responses to Veteran, Eat Your Gun

  1. Get A. Life says:

    Rot in hell, you pathetic waste of protoplasm subhuman pierce of shit


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