White Knuckle Day

I’ve enjoyed an active 2017, so far, having maintained two yards, demolished a deck, replaced it with a patio and converted the wood into flower boxes.

But bad posture while typing has nearly taken me out.  I hit Office Depot recently for another pack of 3000 address labels.  I’ve been shooting a lot of clothes and putting them on the website.  Ergonomics properly adjusted, I’m good to go again.

Most annoying was the constant soreness of my right pinky finger.  I finally noticed yesterday that I curl it when typing, mousing and writing.  Making an effort to keep it straight is already helping.

The Wife’s Win7 PC has been slow for some time and apparently got hammered with malware recently.  I shipped and hit Office Depot for a look at Lenovo’s.  The Wife OK’d the deal and I had the I-5 running by around three.  It hit our Wi-Fi, called home and hooked up to our printers in no time.

I installed QuickBooks and began processing online orders.  The Wife restored her backups and I will swap the old PC out in the morning.

Yesterday, I showed up at the Wife’s house early and woke all the neighbors with a chainsaw while I dispatched the bough fallen from her giant silver oak.  By 9:00, the limbs were piled neatly at the street and the wood stacked on the pile out back.

Shit happens and you can’t be prepared for everything.  But I keep a sharp chainsaw and rely on the Wife to run her business.  On those rare occasions when an old PC or car needs to be replaced, we seem to do OK.

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