Zionists Behind the Curtain

Nothing I’ve read recently has stayed with me nearly so much as
The history of the Neocon takeover of the USA at The Saker:

Senator J. William Fulbright identified their irrational system for making endless war in Vietnam 45 years ago in a New Yorker article titled Reflections in Thrall to Fear.

“The truly remarkable thing about this Cold War psychology is the totally illogical transfer of the burden of proof from those who make charges to those who question them… The Cold Warriors, instead of having to say how they knew that Vietnam was part of a plan for the Communization of the world, so manipulated the terms of the public discussion as to be able to demand that the skeptics prove that it was not. If the skeptics could not then the war must go on—to end it would be recklessly risking the national security.”

Fulbright realized that Washington’s resident crazies had turned the world inside out by concluding, “We come to the ultimate illogic: war is the course of prudence and sobriety until the case for peace is proved under impossible rules of evidence [or never]–or until the enemy surrenders. Rational men cannot deal with each other on this basis.” But these were not rational men and their need to further their irrational quest only increased with the loss of the Vietnam War.

Requiring the opposition to prove a negative is also known as McCarthyism.  More recently, the Deep State media insist on Russia proving it did not hack the election or collude with Trump.  This has been going on since WWII in an effort to justify military spending.  But whereas the Soviet Union ultimately failed, Russia has been building on their successes for twenty years and boasts an array of battlefield defensive weapons.  At the same time, the US military has gone insane with focus on special forces fighting asymmetrical warfare by winning hearts and minds.  We can pretty much hang that on HR McMaster.

The Pentagon Papers revealed the extent of the U.S. government’s deceit and incompetence but rather than concede that defeat and chart a new course, its proponents fought back with a Machiavellian ideological campaign known as the experiment in competitive analysis or for short; Team B...

Rooted in what can only be described as cult thinking, the Team B experiment tore down what was left of the CIA’s pre-Vietnam professional objectivity by subjecting it to politicization…

The campaign was driven by the Russophobic neoconservative cabal which included Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pipes, Richard Perle and a handful of old anti-Soviet hardliners like Paul Nitze and General Danny Graham…

Peace was only a disguise for war and that war would be fought with politics, subversion, terrorism and psychological warfare.

The article and the blog are devoid of comments which might be anti-Semitic.  And yet there is Larchmonter 445 in the comments:

The ideology of neoconservatism is a euphemism for Russophobia…

Neoconservatism became the Deep State.  And always there was Russia.

Hatred, fear, envy, lies, false flags became the means to the Neoconservative end…

McMaster, Mattis, Tillerson, Pence, McCain, Graham, Pentagon, NSA, CIA, all wear the uniform of Neoconservatism…

Their allegiance to Zion, to the Hegemon, to militarism is well-established. They have the vassals of the EU and NATO as proxies, the vast radical Islamic proxy armies of ISIS and AQ al Nusra, and the Nazis of Ukraine and other Eastern Europe countries to use against Russia. And they have used them for at least four decades.

Zion is also served by the Military-Industrial Complex and their vassals, the media and DC politicians.  This also includes right wing media.

Christians are useful idiots for Zion and the Libertarians, but the paleocons – a nasty lot in their own right – prefer nonintervention to permanent war. Even Sunni Muslims serve Zion in their holy war with Shia Iran.

So when I hear the media and pols lament the despicable terrorist attack in Manchester and question how we can put an end to such acts, I am unconvinced.  None dare point out the insane reality that terrorism has always been in the toolkit of Machiavellian neoconservatives.  The inconvenient fact of ISIS driving brand new Toyota trucks is overlooked.

Wahhabism was installed with the direct assistance of the British army in the 1920s by supporting the Al Saud family.

This has progressed to today, when Trump approves Obama’s $350B weapons sale.  And rather than mention the atrocities in Yemen perpetrated with US weapons, they accuse Iran and the mullahs of being terrorists.

Persians aren’t blowing themselves up in Europe.  These are all Sunnis, just like ISIS and al Qaeda.  The Alawites in Syria descend from Shia and are allied with Iran.  They are allied with Russia, so the neocons hate them.

From Wolfgang Streek:

As a process of institutional and political regression the neoliberal revolution inaugurated a new age of post-factual politics.  This had become necessary because neoliberal globalization was far from actually delivering the prosperity for all that it had promised…

Instead of trickle-down there was the most vulgar sort of trickle-up: growing income inequality between individuals, families, regions and, in the Eurozone, nations…

It began with the Laffer Curve, which was used to prove scientifically that reductions in taxation lead to higher tax receipts…

Zion is served by elements of the Left and the Right, Christians, corporations, the military and the media.  The cause of peace is overwhelmed not just with apathy and ignorance, but endemic allegiance to hysterical paranoids promoting terrorism and lies to maintain permanent war.

In the comments at a lot of these sites, you’ll find Jew bashing allusions to Satanism.  I say evil is as evil does and I’m not alone.  Russians and Chinese are utterly appalled at the unhinged saber rattling, especially when everyone who’s paying attention knows Israel’s proxies, the US and NATO, are in pitiful states of readiness.

The US is fatally infected with warmongering Zionism.  So is Europe, which is especially pathetic given their fatal liberalism.  Opponents of globalism/neoliberalism find themselves enemies of Zion on Wall Street.  It’s no wonder Trump rolled over after campaigning against them.

It’s an inconvenient truth that 80% of the world’s Muslims are Sunni, thus ISIS in the Phillipines, Indonesia and Malaysia.  It’s simply neo-colonialism.

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