Moving Day

Having mown both yards this week, I took advantage of the weather to start moving shit from the storage facility I rented about fifteen years ago, when I moved my business to Greensboro.  Plans for He-Man Woman Hater’s University continue apace, with the arrivals of my books and er… the Wife’s business records.

Moving four times in seventeen years, the business had collected quite a bit of lumber, as we tended to hang on to the good stuff we found.  It now rests in my storage building, awaiting possible use in the next move.  He-Man Woman Hater’s University entails quite a bit of wood-butchery in lieu of competitive sports and it’s nice to have lots of plywood and melamine available.

I figure one more day of this, which involves a lot of shit going to the dumpster, it’ll be empty and I can take advantage of the big bookcase to establish the HMWHU library, consisting as it does with everything from Castaneda to Twain, with lots of Chris Hedges in between.  Chief among the collection is the greatest woman-hater of all, Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, who preferred traveling on a litter, desperately ill with disease in Africa and South America, to staying home with his penny-pinching wife.

There are two black woman working at the Liberty Food Lion.  I asked someone why and they said black people don’t want to work.  I let him live.  My dad died thirty years ago this month and I like to think the good Quaker would have tilted at that wind mill.  Perhaps I will.

Politics is a delicate issue for the young mind.  I’ve known this kid for close to a year, so I’m bound to have held forth on at least a few subjects, but he’s still talking to me.  Still, it’s rare to have a mature male mind not already cowed by the mad ravings of women.  I’ll assume my customary reactionary position, rather than impose a curriculum.

However, were I to posit a political ethos, it would be that whereas the Left has walked off the map, the Right is dominated by fascist Libertarians, led by the Koch Brothers.  I’ve had a front row seat to this public villainy since the GOP coup in North Carolina perpetrated by them, Art Pope and ALEC.  I can’t lay hands on it, because allegation has been made that the crew cuts running the NCGOP aren’t capable of drafting legislation.  I further contend that the GOP establishment orangutans in Congress are no different; and so the same Libertarian assholes who have raped NC have sock puppeted the House on ACA reform, are providing the Senate bill, and will furnish tragic third act in reconciliation.

History and HMWHU in particular, will record that those who fell for the Russian false narrative amount to political roadkill, whose bodies are free to be driven over on our way to a future based in reality, which happens to include a whole bunch of Russian defense assets, whose effects have been on full display in Ukraine and caused NATO to huddle in Kaliningrad, fucked as it is with obsolete technology.

But right wing media disappoints as well, which brings me to the biggy, Zionism.  Before you get all wigged out about hating Jews, you need to remember most of them despise Zionism and hard core adherents are visible, should you care to shame and mock: another intramural activity at HMWHU.

In 2010, a reaction to the election of Obama emerged as the Tea Party, which was quickly co-opted by Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey and turned into the American Taliban.  These xenophobic authoritarians raged like a wild fire over this land as useful idiots for Libertarians and Zionists.  The one-two punch of domestic austerity and imperial foreign policy is perhaps the worst possible outcome in the absence of an effective Left.

After having been terribly disappointed by W., I stopped listening to right wing radio and watching FOX News, enjoying Rachel Maddow and the MSM.  I’ve never hung out out alt-right websites, preferring Zero Hedge and Naked Capitalism, as I do now.  Starting with Victoria Nuland’s “Fuck the EU!”, these people were on top of the neocon coup in Ukraine and false flag shootdown of MH-17.

After reading about how Putin and his KGB assets waged an heroic fight to oust central bankers, who had ruined the West, and was the hero of everyone opposed to fifth column olgarchs, I became a Russian in my heart and remain so to this day.  In fact, I renounce my citizenship as an American until it stops killing its citizens and those abroad.

Which brings us to the scourge of neoliberalism/globalism and inverted totalitarianism, or as Sheldon Wolin alternatively called it, managed democracy.  Professor Emeritus at Princeton, he was ostracized by the faculty after publishing Democracy, Inc.

Michael Lofgren did a great job illustrating how the GOP spent a generation making sure the electorate did not understand or care about politics, effectively ensuring ignorance, apathy and surrendering elections to Christofascist assholes.

Worship of materialism on the Right and technology on the Left surrendered the electorate to corporations, and the SCOTUS Citizens United decision made sure oligarchs like George Soros and the Koch brothers would reign over us like nightmarish dragons, wielding the threat of nuclear annihilation and the reality of crushing austerity over an electorate driven mad, but for one last desperate gasp toward Trump.

Fun Machine 1 sits under a tarp, waiting for the sun.  Meanwhile, my ’91 Toyota truck has performed magnificently all day, even providing A/C.  The Wife adores FM2, freshly adorned with the Linneas license plate.  John Michael Greer’s Retrotopia series, now only available in print, spoke to me, as I am so in love with 5 speed 4 cylinder fuel injected vehicles.

“Progress is the enemy of prosperity.”

Progress has sold out to neoliberalism, gutting the mighty institutions of education, science and healthcare.  Even now, we throw off the false promises of postmodernism and look to the past and the better existence we remember there.  Technology holds answers, but its worship is merely a perversion.

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