Trump’s Mindless Nihilism

From Andrew Sullivan:

He can’t abolish Obamacare because huge majorities prefer it to any Republican alternative, so he is sabotaging it. He hasn’t built a huge wall across the entire southern border because it’s a ludicrous project that cannot solve the problem it was designed for. Ditto ripping NAFTA to shreds, which would cause immense disruption to three countries’ economies and ricochet around the world. Or attempting to ally with Russia against the E.U., as if Merkel was worse a threat than Putin. Or removing NBC’s license, which it doesn’t actually have, for political reasons. Or deporting 11 million people. Or pretending that climate change is not happening. Or a massive tax cut on the wealthy, and arguing, as Trump did Wednesday night, that it would create surpluses as Reagan’s did, which, of course, Reagan’s didn’t.

From John Nichols:

The president accused Tehran of stirring “chaos” in the Middle East and beyond. He labeled the Iranian government as “fanatical regime” and accused it of spreading “death, destruction and chaos around the globe.”

Last year, when Trump appeared as a GOP front runner, I salved my virulent opposition to Hillary and the GOP establishment in the comments at Zero Hedge and Naked Capitalism, where support for Trump was strong.

That is no longer the case.  Trump is now the object of open derision for caving to the Zionist neocon warmongers, in addition to the constant display of his psychotic stream of consciousness, usually at variance with officially stated policy.

This is where we find ourselves: in the clutches of not so much a madman, but a woefully uninformed and uninterested malignant narcissist.  His adolescent insistence on surrounding himself with generals means that domestic considerations take a back seat to imperialism.

As Old Glory grows ever more faded, these military whackjobs wield weapons which are either ancient or designed by lobbyists.  In either case, they are no match for Russian and Chinese efforts in response to generations of nuclear threat from the USA.

Hell, thanks to McChrystal, Patreaus and McMaster, and their focus on special forces and counterinsurgency, we can’t even fight a conventional battle.  They’re currently deployed illegally in Syria in support of terrorists against hardened Syrians and Iranians with the support of Russia, which provides air superiority with advanced electronic countermeasures and anti-ballistic missiles.

Meanwhile North Korea is incapable of developing and deploying an ICBM reentry vehicle capable of withstanding 7000C degrees and 50Gs deceleration.  We flew five B1-B Lancers over the ROK last week, while the remaining ten are probably being scrapped for parts.  But war games off the coast commence next week.

China and Russia are no doubt bemused.  We haven’t tested a nuclear warhead since 1962.  We now rely on Russia for rockets and probably don’t have the ability to deploy an ICBM reentry vehicle either.

There was a story on RT today about the US developing a global capability with conventional weapons.  Apparently, if you drop anything from 100 miles up, it strikes the earth with nuclear force.  Maybe the Russians will sell us the rockets to threaten it.

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