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Taliban Winning in Afghanistan

From MoA: Earlier today a raid on a military training center for the National Security Directorate, the Afghan CIA offshoot, killed some 200 forces. The attacking rebels used a U.S. made armored Humvee to drive into the compound and exploded … Continue reading

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US Social Collapse is Complete

Vladimir Putin in January 2017: You know, there is a category of people who leave without saying goodbye, out of respect for the situation that has evolved, so as not to upset anything. And then there are people who keep … Continue reading

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Privatizing Honduras

From Danielle Marie Mackey at TNR in 2014: In 2013, the Honduran government passed a law based on many aspects of Romer’s idea, which is to create autonomous free-trade zones that are governed by corporations, instead of the countries in … Continue reading

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Obama Enabled Spying on Trump

From MoA: Obama made it possible for the FBI to directly access everything NSA had on Trump, et al. Obama supercharged the FBI’s ability to investigate Trump… The Obama administration enacted the executive order EO 12333 in early January 2017, … Continue reading

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Zionism is Dying

From Ollie Richardson at The Saker: On the night of January 11th Israel hit one depot at Damascus international airport. I.e., material damage. 12 projectiles were fired in total. Syrian air defences worked, and by all accounts they were as … Continue reading

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Syria War 2.0

From MoA: Without U.S. air support Erdogan can not attack northeast Syria. The Turkish air force is weak. Many of its experienced pilots were fired for alleged support and involvement in the coup against Erdogan… Syrian Kurdish leaders aim to … Continue reading

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Liberty, North Carolina

Elderly couple assaulted in Guilford County home invasion I have a plan for living where people are starving: – Open your blinds – Don’t own anything – Be there as little as possible. Old people on fixed incomes are easy targets. … Continue reading

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