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How the IGMFUPAC Destroyed the World

Greensboro’s $100M downtown performing arts center, which is to open in a few weeks, has sold naming rights at $7.5M for ten years, to Steven Tanger, scion of Tanger Outlets, a commercial real estate investment trust. While coming up with … Continue reading

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Jimmy Todd

Sometime, in the early seventies, my Dad got permission to ditch the ancient Addressograph for a Burroughs computer to prepare bills at Randolph Telephone. Mr. Fitzgerald agreed, but only to pay for hardware and not software. My dad spent the … Continue reading

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The Storm

I was awakened yesterday before dawn to the sound of straight line winds, as the front which dropped inches of rain moved quickly off to the east. By 7:30, as is my custom, I was out the door and in … Continue reading

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Kathy Manning Vies for Redrawn NC06

Since being trounced by Republican Tedd Budd for the doomed NC13, Greensboro resident and immigration lawyer, Kathy Manning, has registered to run for newly drawn 6th congressional district, currently held by Greensboro’s Mark Walker. While living in a castle north … Continue reading

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Joe Biden in Ukraine

2. He cooked up and coordinated a scenario with other foreign embassies. In addition, Maidan was dying and it needed extra fuel in order to remain alive. The scenario involved “protestors” being shot by snipers. Biden’s guys (Parubiy, Pashinsky, Parasyuk) … Continue reading

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From Whitney Webb: Carbyne is but one of several Israeli tech companies marketing themselves as a technological solution to mass shootings that has direct ties to Israeli intelligence agencies… In each case, these companies’ products are built in such a … Continue reading

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A white woman driving a new Cream Lexus SUV with an #EGBAR sticker just tried to run me off the road at #Lawndale Baptist Church. To be fair, I did exorcise the congregation for vomiting up #Christofascists like Mark Walker. … Continue reading

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Russian Missiles and Defenses in Syria

From Krollchem in the comments at MoA: S-400 (SA-21) systems:There are two S-400 complexes guarding Khmeimim consisting of 16 missile launchers per complex (32 launch ready missiles range 350 km) S-300 (SA-20) systemsRussia has seven S-300VM missile systems defending Tartus … Continue reading

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Those few following me on Facebook know that the Wife, with the lease ending on her womens clothing store at Golden Gate, signed a lease on Lawndale, beside the fabulously popular Hop’s Burger Bar. We took possession of the property … Continue reading

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Time’s a Wastin’

Pop would’ve been 83 last month and I probably have him to thank for avoiding a head on collision this morning. There wasn’t time to hit the brakes, as I veered away from the car in my lane. The truck … Continue reading

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