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From Whitney Webb: Carbyne is but one of several Israeli tech companies marketing themselves as a technological solution to mass shootings that has direct ties to Israeli intelligence agencies… In each case, these companies’ products are built in such a … Continue reading

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A white woman driving a new Cream Lexus SUV with an #EGBAR sticker just tried to run me off the road at #Lawndale Baptist Church. To be fair, I did exorcise the congregation for vomiting up #Christofascists like Mark Walker. … Continue reading

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Russian Missiles and Defenses in Syria

From Krollchem in the comments at MoA: S-400 (SA-21) systems:There are two S-400 complexes guarding Khmeimim consisting of 16 missile launchers per complex (32 launch ready missiles range 350 km) S-300 (SA-20) systemsRussia has seven S-300VM missile systems defending Tartus … Continue reading

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Those few following me on Facebook know that the Wife, with the lease ending on her womens clothing store at Golden Gate, signed a lease on Lawndale, beside the fabulously popular Hop’s Burger Bar. We took possession of the property … Continue reading

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Time’s a Wastin’

Pop would’ve been 83 last month and I probably have him to thank for avoiding a head on collision this morning. There wasn’t time to hit the brakes, as I veered away from the car in my lane. The truck … Continue reading

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Khamenei: No Negotiation and No War

From MoA: NYT: “On Friday night, the Pentagon confirmed the presence of a second surveillance aircraft, a Navy P-8A Poseidon, which officials said took photographs of the drone being shot down. But a senior Trump administration official said there was … Continue reading

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An Attack on the Dragon’s Head

Where does your plastic go? Global investigation reveals America’s dirty secret The Wife and I once spent a week at her family’s place in the Adirondacks, where I giggled gleefully reading PJ O’Rourke. The evil Libertarians have done this to … Continue reading

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