Dumbass Ridge

The Wife and I spent a couple of enjoyable hours yesterday riding around NW Guilford County, gobsmacked at the profusion of McMansions built right on top of each other.  Growing up in the seventies, I knew kids who lived in Forest Oaks and slept on the floor so that their families could afford to belong to the country club.  The Wife’s father was a philandering itinerant salesman, and their family moved from country club to country club, too poor to buy a TV.

JHK contends our proclivity for Lexi, Beemers and McMansions represents the greatest squandering of resources in human history.  We can’t figure how people afford these homes or why they would want to.  My house in Liberty, which is paid for, has two front rooms I don’t use and the Wife has a couple she doesn’t use.  However, the residents of Dumbass Ridge want to live like The Beverly Hillbillies, a comedy the Wife has never seen.

Even more hilarious are the giant public schools being built for kids who will instead be educated privately or at home.  It is a recipe for disaster.  The homes were never meant to be lived in, but to transmit a sense of grandeur to the clueless, who subsequently spend enormous amounts to heat and cool them.  This insane need for conformity leads to debt enslavement which makes the giant churches ludicrous given the community’s obvious worship of materialism.  Of course, prosperity gospel is part of this mass delusion which serves as a prelude to oblivion.

I stopped for gas, which was 25 cents per gallon more expensive than any other place, and why the fuck not?

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Veteran, Eat Your Gun

On this day, when we remember the crucifixion and preposterous resurrection of Christ, the rock star, it is entirely appropriate that I bring attention to monstrous hypocrisy.  To wit, if you joined the US military or were drafted and swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, you are complicit in war crimes.  But you are only a hypocrite if you also consider yourself a Christian.

I realize you’ve been hailed as a hero for defending our country, but that is a lie.  All military actions since the birth of our nation have been illegal acts of conquest over innocent citizens, resulting in untold needless misery and death.  Worse, these actions have been for the benefit of corporations and the enrichment of their stockholders, which likely included you, doubling your complicity.

Two dozen vets die every day, many by their own hand as I suggest, for many reasons, but often due to inescapable regret for what they have done or witnessed.  Special forces operators suffer much greater propensity for alcohol and drug abuse due to being misused by craven politicians and obsequious warmongering generals.

Whereas officers swore an oath, all military service members who consider themselves Christian, and even those who don’t, have a moral obligation to refrain from killing innocents.  If you have sought forgiveness and objected to being called a hero, perhaps exception is in order, but if you take pride in your military service, frankly we are better off without you, as the fake patriotism you perpetuate only ends in more illegal wars.

Primarily due to your efforts, the USA has rightfully become the world’s most hated nation.  False Christians spewing fake patriotism embolden warmongering leaders like Donald Trump to perpetuate war crimes on behalf of Wall Street.  Sooner, rather than later, the demoralized US military will go up against someone other than weak despots and suffer a horrible defeat, due to ineffective weapons, training and leadership.  And then, finally the false narrative of American exceptionalism will be put to rest.

Until then, the best thing you can do for your country is to put a towel over your head and pull the trigger.  Once you realize following orders was an act of cowardice, it won’t be so hard.  Of course, as a Christian, you’re not terribly bright, so I’ll put it in terms even you can understand:

Jesus did not ride dinosaurs with an AR-15 on his lap.

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US Bullies DPRK

From Moon of Alabama:

The U.S.-South Korean maneuvers are (intentionally) held during the planting (April/May) or harvesting (August) season for rice when North Korea needs each and every hand in its few arable areas. Only 17% of the northern landmass is usable for agriculture and the climate in not favorable. The cropping season is short. Seeding and harvesting days require peak labor.

The southern maneuvers directly threaten the nutritional self-sufficiency of North Korea. In the later 1990s they were one of the reasons behind a  severe famine. (Lack of hydrocarbons and fertilizer due to sanctions as well as a too rigid economic system were other main reasons.)

From the comments:

For over 64 years the American people have been living the Big Lie…

The USA remains today the greatest impediment to world peace…

From the inimitable Lysander:

If you ever ask a local jingoist to list all the countries attacked by North Korea vs a comparable USA list, you will illicit blank stares, followed by anger, followed by the suggestion you go live in North Korea. Putin’s analogy of chess with a pigeon comes to mind.

Back to the comments:

Every time the US wants regime change they first vilify the leader of said country to turn him into a non-human entity that should be feared and loathed. This self-justifies the impending destruction of the country, which after all happened “for its own good.”

Such as accusing them of hacking Sony sans evidence.

From the proprietor of said blog:

It was only Clinton who made a deal with NoKo which included for the U.S. side the delivery of oil and grain and the building of two civil nuclear reactors in North Korea. North Korea, in exchange, was to stop all nuclear work it had proceeded with including its own building of civil reactors which it urgently needed for electricity. It was a deal. Both side got something out of it.

It was Clinton who broke that deal. It was Clinton who never delivered on his promises. The delivery of oil and grain was slow and ended early. Only the foundations of the reactors were build (by North Korea). No components were delivered. Bush only officially ended the deal Clinton had already renegaded on.

At some point, TPTB informed POTUS that illicit hot Chinese cash has been propping up the housing market for years.  The preceding, not so much.

When Seoul was recaptured by U.S. and South Korean forces perhaps as many as 29,000 Koreans were executed on suspicion of collaboration with the North…The occupation of Pyongyang and many other cities and villages above the 38th parallel [by South Korean forces] was characterized by atrocities…According to one estimate, 150,000 people were executed or kidnapped…

There is huge amount of fake horror stories about North Korea in the South Korean (esp. Chosun Ilbo) and global press. Much of it is planted by the South Korean government…

For example, the Chinese have built an autobahn grade highway which ends ~10Kms short of the China-Afghan border, they have 3 combined arms army groups including air divisions from the adjacent Western Military Region they could send over that border pass, after getting the combat engineers, sweating hard and using machinery, to finish the final stretch in a matter of hours … the remaining army group & numerous Police divisions could secure the military region, as its isolated from potential threats other than Indian border effectively.

Within 3-4 days forced march, worst case, they’ve crossed the Iran-Afghan border and the ME is toast … concurrent and co-ordinated with similar capabilities from Russia, the ME is toast. And in conjunction with Iran free to wipeout the GCC’s pathetically unprofessional non-commital ‘green’ ‘parade only’ militaries.

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From Zero Hedge:

In the span of just a few hours, President Trump flipped to new positions on several core policy issues, backing off on no less than five repeated campaign promises.

It’s not as though we hadn’t been warned that Trump, with an Ashkenazi for a son-in-law,  was a Zionist.  And given the opposition, the pragmatic move is capitulation.  Besides, Trump can have dinner with Invanka without having to endure Jared’s wild gesticulations.

Never mind that lots of people reasonably believed the things Trump said, juxtaposed as they were, about the would-be  warrior queen.  So, it’s not like we’ve got buyer’s remorse, given that Hillary has horribly melted, but please excuse us for feeling butt sore at having been rogered so thoroughly.

The Christofascists, ammosexuals and skinheads are still with him.  Otherwise, only authoritarians remain.

If Trump took a shit on the White House lawn, Sean Hannity would play with it on air for three hours.  Dear God, how the Right Wing Media has fallen in line.  I’m now relegated to RT.com for news sans Zionist neocon warmongering false narratives.

Tillerson was delusional today at the UN.  That these people attempted another chemical weapons resolution, given their obvious duplicity, sent Russian diplomats into the stratosphere of righteous indignation, to the absolute delight of people like me, who despise America and hope fervently for its complete destruction, soon.

So, they have us cornered, the Russians and everybody who values truth.  of course, they’ll wipe us out in time, or worse, ignore us completely.  In a proper country, like Egypt, I would’ve been tortured and exterminated long ago.

I realize it is difficult, but for those of you keeping score, Trump tired of Bannon’s Laphroaig hangovers, smelling like a campfire, and wanted to hang out with his hot daughter and her petulant husband, so there you go.

You can’t really blame him.  Of course. there’s the small matter of appointing class clowns to run various departments, which was fine so long as we were nationalists, but’s things are somewhat different now that we’ve surrendered to the Borg, and our quaint notions of governmental destruction.

It’s all fucked beyond imagining.  We may as well have voted for Hillary.

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A World Gone Mad

Watch Robert Parry‘s heart break:

To put this message in the crude terms that President Trump might understand, now that the neocons have forced him to his knees, they are demanding that he open his mouth. They will not be satisfied with anything short of a massive U.S. military intervention in the Middle East and a full-scale confrontation with Russia (and perhaps China).

From The Saker:

2 USN ships launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Al Shayrat airfield in Syria.  The US did not consult with the Russians on a political level, but through military channels the US gave Russia 2 hours advance warning…

There is no evidence and even no reports that the Russians shot even a single air-defense missile.  In fact, the Russians had signed a memorandum with the USA which specifically comitting Russia NOT to interfere with any US overflights, manned or not, over Syria (and vice versa). ..

What I am sure of is that 36 advanced cruise missile do not “just disappear”.  There are two reasons why the Russians would have decided to use their EW systems and not their missiles: first, it provides them “plausible deninability” (at least for the general public, there is no doubt that  US signal intelligence units did detect the Russian electronic interference (unless it happened at very low power and very high frequency and far away inland), and because by using EW systems it allowed them to keep their  air defense missiles for the protection of their own forces.  Can the Russian really do this?..

What matters is that the Russians have basically leaked the information that they are capable of turning cruise missiles around…

What matters is that the Russian have the means to spoof, redirect or destroy US cruise missiles…

My son perfectly summed up what Trump’s actions have resulted in: “those who hated him still hate him while those who supported him now also hate him“…

And now Trump has betrayed HIMSELF by turning against everything he, himself, stood for.  This is almost Shakespearean in its pathetic and tragic aspects!..

I think that Trump was sincere.  But when confronted with the ruthless opposition of the Neocons and the US deep state, Trump snapped and instantly broke because he is clearly completely spineless and has the ethics and morals of a trailer park prostitute…

The Russians basically own the Syrian airspace already.  What they want to do next is to give a similar capability to the Syrians…

I have come to the conclusion that any and all types of dialog with the United States are simply a meaningless and useless waste of time…

This means that the Russians have basically given up on the notion of having an adult, sober and mentally sane partner to have a dialog with…

I think that the so-called “elites” in charge running the USA are infinitely arrogant, stupid, uneducated, incompetent and irresponsible.  I don’t buy the “managed chaos” theory nor do I buy the notion that if before the Anglo-Zionists imposed their order on others now they impose their dis-order.  Yes, that is the consequence of their actions, but it’s not part of some diabolical plan, it is a sign of terminal degeneracy of an Empire which is clueless, frightened, angry and arrogant…

The Chinese are absolutely under no illusion of the total lack of sophistication and even basic manners of US Presidents…

Not only do I find the Trump administration “not agreement capable”, I find it completely detached from reality.  Delusional in other words…

Bolivia showed more dignity than the entire European continent…

What they fail to realize is that with every nautical mile the US carriers make towards China, the bigger and easier target they make for a military which has specialized in US carrier destruction operations…

Sure, the hardcore libertarians still believe that laisser-faire is a great solution, even if that hands all the power to corporations and even if that leaves the individual citizen defenseless against the oligarchy.  But bet you that even hardcore libertarians would prefer “statism” (as they would say) with peace than “statism” with war.

The absence of a rational actor invites a nuclear first strike.

Dear President Putin:

I realize you’ve done everything you could these last several years to prevent the neocons from blowing up the world, and that recently you’ve come to understand that is no longer possible.

Therefore, I humbly beg of you to task one warhead for Greensboro, NC, where I currently reside with the Wife and three cats.  I realize background radiation will take us out eventually, but I assure these people deserve thermonuclear incineration, even if we don’t.

It is a shame no one will be left to remember how hard you tried to stop this, or how stupid we were, but I think you’ll agree Hillary would have been no better.

Looking forward to meeting you on the other side.  If not, fuck it.


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Putin the Great

I would love to tell you the idea for responding to a roundly debunked gas attack and bombing a nearly abandoned Damascus airfield with the approval of the RF Pres. , came from Steve Bannon, soaked in Laphroaig, or Jared Kushner, cuck and globalist.

Remember in 2013, when Obomber wanted to bomb Syria because of reports of chemical weapons being used by Assad?  Remember how Putin talked him out of it?  Vlad has been putting out fires for years, especially between the hysterically paranoid Zionists and their fave whipping boy, the Ayatollah.

Trump had a total shit show on his hands, with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in the Senate, insisting on war ASAP.  I have no doubt Alexander Dugin called Putin who called Trump and gave the people what they want.

Putin is a great American, like most people, and was annoyed by Paul Ryan, as are we all.  Besides, it was time Trump was blooded.

MSM news anchors pissed themselves like teenage girls at a Beatles concert.  OTOH, the commenters at Zero Hedge, who voted for peace so they could continue hawking gold and silver, suffered apoplexy.  It was likewise at Breitbart among paleocons who have been fighting neocon false narratives since at least Kiev in 2014, if not Iraq in 2013 or the Tonkin Gulf in ’64.

These people have been lied to before and were wary of Trump doing the same, especially after 16 years of W and Obomber.  It hasn’t helped that Flynn was ousted for McMaster, a Patreaus protege and rabid neocon.

I’ve posited that Trump is a Nationalist and is playing the neocons off the paleocons as required, but the important thing, regardless of whether Bannon keeps showing up sober, is that Putin is a Nationalist, committed to opposing globalist oligarchs.

Whereas Xi gets the vapors at Mar-a-lago and orders up 150K Chinamen on the Yula river, Putin sits back, takes the long view, and pushes for the S-500 ASAP.

People I trust say Syrian air defenses were turned off for the Tomahawk raid, and still way less than half made it to the abandoned airfield.  I’m pretty sure Putin can keep Trump from doing something stupid in Eastern Europe or the Middle East, but this saber rattling at North Korea is another thing, entirely.

The US chicken hawks would do well to hang out with Assad and Erdogan, whom Putin controls.  The premier statesman of our time is running US foreign policy, isolating the neocons and placating the Left, with moves of which the neophyte Trump admin is simply incapable.

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Trump’s Blustering Dumbassery

From The Saker:

I have an important update: based on Russian sources, including video footage and the reports of one Russian journalist on the ground, Evgenii Poddubnyi, it has become clear that the US strike was largely symbolic.  Here is the evidence:

  1. The Russians were given a warning which they, of course, passed on to the Syrians.  The Americans must have assumed that this would happen.

  2. The Syrian airbase was lightly damaged: a few number of aircraft were damaged or destroyed, but many of these were in repairs and could not fly.  Fuel storage tanks were destroyed.  A number of aircraft bunkers were damage or destroyed.  A few barracks were also destroyed.

  3. There were 6 or 7 casualties, which is very little.

  4. Crucially, the runways did not suffer.

From the comments:

I think Putin correctly reads the US population’s war-weariness. Even the most patriotic USican is under no illusions that the US has wasted vast resources, valuable time and irreplaceable international goodwill since the Deep State/Zionists put Saddam in their crosshairs. The negative reaction by formerly pro-Trump Zero Hedge regular posters is visceral…they’re smarting badly as Trump merely falls into POTUS war-monger line. There is little else Trump could have done to so completely turn great swaths of his “base” against him. He clearly said no more wars, and get out of the ones Obama perpetuated… and then this?..

The US/Zionist/Deep State, for all proxy-wars, political posturing and pin-prick provocations, does not want a full-spectrum, world wide confrontation with Russia/China. A full-on US/NATO/Zionist attack of Syria as you describe would be a declaration of war against Russia, and given the current military ties to China… this is a war the US cannot win. I’m sure Xi is making that clear to Trumpy during their summit. Trump may think he “summoned’ Xi, but Dumb Donald will be set straight in no uncertain terms. The Chinese are polite enough to accept an invitation, but will not tolerate well Trumpy’s blustering dumbassery. The US owes over $20trillion, and is in no position to threaten China, economically or militarily.

Russia/China have few foreign bases, but have a demonstrated superior capability to attack over great distance. The 59 Tomahawks is an expensive joke in modern warfare, demonstrating just how ineffective and inept the US/NATO military actually is. Their “advisers” keep on getting caught in caldrons, from Debaltsevo to Alleppo.

The US has about foreign 1,000 bases/naval groups world wide, and simply cannot defend them all if total war broke out. While personnel in foreign bases/at sea is only about 300,000 (of about 1.4million total) quickly sacrificing a high % of that many would cause such public outrage at home that the current Deep State/Zionist-controlled Republic would fall. The drip-drip-drip of Vietnam losses nearly did it, so the smartest guys in the Pentagon/CIA/White House rooms won’t even entertain that thought…

The US once put great stock in cruise missile capabilities and their low-altitude stealth advantages. Proliferating inexpensive, accurate guided SAM’s over land and radar-guided machine guns on ships pretty much ended that short euphoria. Cruise missiles are pretty “stupid” compared to any recent self-navigating arms technology.

The idea to blow $100million in one artillery-style barrage is a new twist, but at a cost that the results can’t justify. Besides, the Syrian Army and Russian electronic surveillance teams won’t be caught quite so unaware again. The US public expects “shock and awe”, “precision bombing” for that kind of coin, and they got a damp squib…

For a few busted planes, you’ve lost every rational voter in America…

It is WWIII over at Breitbart between the Neocons and the Populists…

President Putin must place the “Shashka of Persuasion” into the hands of Defense Minister Shoigu and Shoigu must move immediately to protect and bolster Russian military forces in Syria. Divisions of Russian Defense forces must be mobilized and sent into the country. The naval base at Tartus must be reinforced with men and equipment as well as the airbase at Khmeimim. Syrian territorial waters must be patrolled by surface and submarine vessels. President Assad must declare a “No Fly Zone” over his country. The Syrian airspace must be completely blanketed by surface-to-air defense systems and every square meter of the country’s perimeter must be covered. Nothing gets in, nothing gets out without approval from Russian Defense Forces…

There can be no more game playing now because I tell ya’ folks…there is a big Syria invasion in the works…and it’s going to come from Turkish territory…

Erdogan’s calculus is that he can challenge Russia in Syria if he gets the US to back him up…

The Zionists have taken the bait and have exposed themselves for the chicken hawks (in comparison to saker falcons) they are to the whole world of persons with any brains left.

Putin knows this. Trump knows this. Xi knows this…

As for the attack itself, the missing 36 missiles is exactly the basic missile load of 3 Pantsir-S1 complexes (3 x 12 = 36)…

Apparently one missile failed to launch altogether and most of the rest failed to explode on impact.

Russia/Syria did not use any anti missile defences at all.

Quite simply more than half of the US missiles were duds, useless, utterly ineffective…

The warhead and other parts of one cruise missile was found in the garden of a house in Karto, Tartus…

The Russian military also claim the missile strike was planned before the gas attack, not afterwards (based on logistics)…

The military complex that was attacked by US tomahawk missiles was the military complex that shot down an Israeli fighter…

I believe it was a very calculated Machiavellian move agreed upon by the major players involved…

Trump is simply giving his domestic enemies rope to hang themselves with…

Perhaps it was an organised demonstration to the neocons of the Russians air superiority in Syria…

Win win for the warpigs on all sides.

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