Agent Orange


From Matt Taibbi:

Trump in many ways was a perfect Ailes product, merging as he did the properties of entertainment and news in a sociopathic programming package that, as CBS chief Les Moonves pointed out, was terrible for the country, but great for the bottom line.

As if endless CSI episodes are any better.

From Robert Parry:

Trump’s greatest sin was his refusal to buy into Official Washington’s big-ticket Russia-bashing, the goal of making Moscow an implacable enemy that then required massive new spending on both propaganda (supposedly to combat Russian “propaganda”) and military projects (including NATO expansion up to Russia’s borders and new weapons systems to deter Russian “aggression”).

From Paul Craig Roberts:

The US military/security complex sits on a budget extracted from very hard-pressed American taxpayers of $1,000 billion dollars annually. By threatening to normalize relations with the enemy which was created in order to justify this vast budget, Trump presented as the major threat to the American National Security State’s power and profit.

This is why Trump will be broken and/or removed as President of the United States.

From Larchmonter445 at The Saker:

They populated the official transitory postings and the many layers of permanent postings. They filled all the surrounding think tanks, and they controlled all the academic posts. They owned the news media and the entertainment industry. They bought the Congress and controlled the polls and election process (including the TV debate system). They filled the courts at all levels. And by now, they had control of most of the largest populated states. Similarly, in Britain, the same processes occurred in that society.

Neoconservatism comes in two flavors in the US. Right wing and Liberal wing versions are different only by external labels. On all critical issues, they are unified.

From Kristine Beckerle:

While in Riyadh this weekend, Trump reportedly plans to announce more than $100 billion in arms deals to Saudi Arabia — nearly as much as President Obama authorized during his eight years in office.

The deals include Raytheon bombs, Lockheed Martin missile defense systems and BAE combat vehicles, and some of the weapons whose sales had been suspended

Trump should be urging the Saudis to shift course by abiding by the laws of war and holding those responsible for past abuses to account. Instead, he will effectively be telling them to continue as before and not to worry — the flow of US weapons will not stop.

From the comments at Zero Hedge:

The new labeling, the huge arms sale to SA, Trump’s trip to SA,Israel and the Gulf Monarchies (GM), it all fits. I believe they are creating a Middle Eastern NATO using SA money to buy the arms, Israel to provide the tech, the GM to provide additional cash and more troops from the usual sources.

IMO a war, a really big war is about to be fought by “ME NATO” troops against Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Russia simultaneously and they will attack Iran directly. The war will be given media cover by use of the new “proxies” labels.
This will end very, very badly…

Because he is Agent Orange. He has totally shown himself for what he is – a subservient narcissist who craves approval more than honor, principle or any other virtue worthy of a great man

I’m not sure it is fair to expect any POTUS, and especially this one, to stand against the neocon Deep State.

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The 28th Amendment

From a commenter at Zero Hedge:

This is what it will take, in plain language, to save the world; and nobody gets hurt:

28th Amendment

Corporations are not persons in any sense of the word and shall be granted only those rights and privileges that Congress deems necessary for the well-being of the People. Congress shall provide legislation defining the terms and conditions of corporate charters according to their purpose; which shall include, but are not limited to:

1, prohibitions against any corporation;

a, owning another corporation,

b, becoming economically indispensable or monopolistic, or

c, otherwise distorting the general economy;

2, prohibitions against any form of interference in the affairs of;

a, government,

b, education, or

c, news media, and

3, provisions for;

a, the auditing of standardized, current, and transparent account books, and

b, the establishment of a state and municipal-owned banking system

c, civil and criminal penalties to be suffered by corporate executives for violation of the terms of a corporate charter.

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PSB D-33/2

From Part 4 of the history of the neocons at The Saker:

As historian Christopher Lasch wrote in 1969 of the CIA’s cooptation of the American left, “The modern state… is an engine of propaganda, alternately manufacturing crises and claiming to be the only instrument that can effectively deal with them. This propaganda, in order to be successful, demands the cooperation of writers, teachers, and artists not as paid propagandists or state-censored time-servers but as ‘free’ intellectuals capable of policing their own jurisdictions and of enforcing acceptable standards of responsibility within the various intellectual professions.”

Key to turning these “free” intellectuals against their own interests was the CIA’s doctrinal program for Western cultural transformation contained in the document PSB D-33/2. PSB D-33/2 foretells of a “long-term intellectual movement, to: break down world-wide doctrinaire thought patterns” while “creating confusion, doubt and loss of confidence” in order to “weaken objectively the intellectual appeal of neutralism and to predispose its adherents towards the spirit of the West;” to “predispose local elites to the philosophy held by the planners,” while employing local elites “would help to disguise the American origin of the effort so that it appears to be a native development.”

While declaring itself as an antidote to Communist totalitarianism, one internal critic of the Program, PSB officer Charles Burton Marshall, viewed PSB D-33/2 itself as frighteningly totalitarian, interposing “a wide doctrinal system” that “accepts uniformity as a substitute for diversity,” embracing “all fields of human thought – all fields of intellectual interests, from anthropology and artistic creations to sociology and scientific methodology;” concluding, “That is just about as totalitarian as one can get.”

Burnham’s Machiavellian elitism lurks in every shadow of the document. As recounted in Frances Stoner Saunder’s The Cultural Cold War, “Marshall also took issue with the PSB’s reliance on ‘non-rational social theories’ which emphasized the role of an elite ‘in the manner reminiscent of Pareto, Sorel, Mussolini and so on.’ Weren’t these the models used by James Burnham in his book the Machiavellians? Perhaps there was a copy usefully to hand when PSB D-33/2 was being drafted. More likely, James Burnham himself was usefully to hand.”

From the comments:

The cia was subjected politicization from it’s inception and it’s “intelligence” results were always heavily corrupted by political engineering. “You tell us the political objective, we will provide the false flags and all the rest of the horseshit needed to make it fly’s would be an honest motto for the cia…

Trotsies were known to be unrepentant double-dealers and opportunists but even the vilest of them would baulk at working for a corporate new world order ruled by the US empire. Unless they were all like Burnham – amoral demagogues for hire, in other words, lower than common prostitutes…

They populated the official transitory postings and the many layers of permanent postings. They filled all the surrounding think tanks, and they controlled all the academic posts. They owned the news media and the entertainment industry. They bought the Congress and controlled the polls and election process (including the TV debate system). They filled the courts at all levels. And by now, they had control of most of the largest populated states. Similarly, in Britain, the same processes occurred in that society.

Neoconservatism comes in two flavors in the US. Right wing and Liberal wing versions are different only by external labels. On all critical issues, they are unified…

The Burnamites use of cell organizing tactics is pure Leninism which grew out of Lenin’s pragmatic need to keep his working class cadres out of the hands of the Chekha and the lessons he drew from the defeat of the 1905 uprisings against the Czar.

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White Knuckle Day

I’ve enjoyed an active 2017, so far, having maintained two yards, demolished a deck, replaced it with a patio and converted the wood into flower boxes.

But bad posture while typing has nearly taken me out.  I hit Office Depot recently for another pack of 3000 address labels.  I’ve been shooting a lot of clothes and putting them on the website.  Ergonomics properly adjusted, I’m good to go again.

Most annoying was the constant soreness of my right pinky finger.  I finally noticed yesterday that I curl it when typing, mousing and writing.  Making an effort to keep it straight is already helping.

The Wife’s Win7 PC has been slow for some time and apparently got hammered with malware recently.  I shipped and hit Office Depot for a look at Lenovo’s.  The Wife OK’d the deal and I had the I-5 running by around three.  It hit our Wi-Fi, called home and hooked up to our printers in no time.

I installed QuickBooks and began processing online orders.  The Wife restored her backups and I will swap the old PC out in the morning.

Yesterday, I showed up at the Wife’s house early and woke all the neighbors with a chainsaw while I dispatched the bough fallen from her giant silver oak.  By 9:00, the limbs were piled neatly at the street and the wood stacked on the pile out back.

Shit happens and you can’t be prepared for everything.  But I keep a sharp chainsaw and rely on the Wife to run her business.  On those rare occasions when an old PC or car needs to be replaced, we seem to do OK.

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Bannon Should Be Gone

The WaPo fake news is payback for Trump trolling the MSM by meeting with the Russians immediately after firing Comey.

When the Freedon Caucus, backed by the Libertarian paleocon Koch bros., failed to vote for RyanCare the first time, Trump entertained Xi at Mar-a-Lago for a weekend, during which there was some really great chocolate cake, the best, and a real time cruise missile assault on some Syrian spare parts at a forgotten airbase.

To the batshit crazy Zionist neocon warmongers, this was bullseye on a very hairy and much neglected Jewish clit, as well as a shot across Ryan’s bow.  With Nikki Haley espousing doctrinaire permanent war rhetoric and a Mad Dog at DoD,  the faithful had yet another moment of doubt regarding their support of The Orange One.

Certainly, capitulation of populist promises to the dark side of neoconservatism would be an unforgivable calamity, made manifest with the ouster of Steve Bannon.  And yet he remains.  Despite Tillerson’s wild gesticulations, Lavrov and his retinue reported enjoying meeting with Trump, absent as it was of political rhetoric.

Trump is a businessman, has taken full advantage of the opp to meet with China and will do what he can to preserve relations with Russia.

As the seminal Saker history of the neocons illustrated, the US military has been poisoned since Vietnam with ideological fanatics bent on permanent war as an ultimate means of defense and profit.

Plan B, as enacted by the CIA under GHWB, dispensed with facts as justification for warmongering and supplanted ideology as required in each situation.  With decades of Soviet threat inflation responsible for the Cold War, a new Russia needed to accept the mantle of ultimate evil, despite being Christians who’ve never invaded anyone.

Unbelievably, Trump appears to have the measure of the #NeverTrump GOP establishment as well as the Left, psychotic with melancholia.  Yes, he infuriates his supporters, but the elaborate trolling he has orchestrated against the opposition betrays a complete lack of respect, even a playfulness.

I find it interesting that the Norks are at once a nuclear threat from the Right and the source of NSA ransomware exploits from the Left.  Today’s fake news indicates to me the Zionist neocon warmongers and their media outlets are grabbing at straws, having utterly failed with the Russian false narrative.

In a world which still regarded truth as vital, the revelations regarding the late Seth Rich and Wikileaks would immediately impanel a grand jury and put the kibosh on the unproven allegations of Russian interference in the recent election.  But that ship sailed long ago and the corporatized MSM will insist on Russians until the last paying subscriber is cowed.

Bannon and Priebus aren’t going anywhere, but will preside, alongside Trump, over the righteous demolition of DC and the swamp in which it sits.

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Israel Behind Wannacry

Things are getting entirely out of hand:

Two of the world’s largest anti-virus companies said they are “looking into clues” that suggest a North Korea-linked group may be behind last week’s cyberattack.

Look, there’s a quantum difference from a bunch of mobbed up Eastern European script kiddies launching email phishing attacks and using an NSA tool to exploit vulnerable Windows machines.

Actually, it’s the perfect weaponization of a successful ransomware industry.  And who do we know that enjoys a rich history of weaponized internet exploits? Why, that would be the Israelis and Stuxnet, which to this day continues in the world to search for a certain motor known to spin Iranian centrifuges, before calling home.

I’m not saying the Brit who registered the domain so WannaCry could call home and deactivate was wearing a yarmulke, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  After all, MI-6 has always been the whipping boy for foreign ops against, and in this case, on behalf of Zion Atlantica.

Russia was the overwhelming target.  The US and Israel were miraculously saved.

Microsoft was likely tipped off beforehand so everyone could take long positions.


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The History of Permanent War

From Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould at The Saker:

The neoconservative hitmen and hit-ladies of Washington have a long list of targets that pass from generation to generation. Their influence on American government has been catastrophic yet it never seems to end. Senator J. William Fulbright identified their irrational system for making endless war in Vietnam 45 years ago in a New Yorker article titled Reflections in Thrall to Fear.

“The truly remarkable thing about this Cold War psychology is the totally illogical transfer of the burden of proof from those who make charges to those who question them… The Cold Warriors, instead of having to say how they knew that Vietnam was part of a plan for the Communization of the world, so manipulated the terms of the public discussion as to be able to demand that the skeptics prove that it was not. If the skeptics could not then the war must go on—to end it would be recklessly risking the national security.”

Fulbright realized that Washington’s resident crazies had turned the world inside out by concluding, “We come to the ultimate illogic: war is the course of prudence and sobriety until the case for peace is proved under impossible rules of evidence [or never]–or until the enemy surrenders. Rational men cannot deal with each other on this basis.” But these were not rational men and their need to further their irrational quest only increased with the loss of the Vietnam War…

The brilliant American satirical songwriter of the 1950s and 60s Tom Lehrer once attributed his early retirement to Henry Kissinger, saying “Political satire became obsolete [in 1973] when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.”..

The Pentagon Papers revealed the extent of the U.S. government’s deceit and incompetence but rather than concede that defeat and chart a new course, its proponents fought back with a Machiavellian ideological campaign known as the experiment in competitive analysis or for short; Team B...

“The roots of the problem go back to May 6, 1976, when the director of Central Intelligence, George H.W. Bush, created the first Team B… The concept of a “competitive analysis” of the data done by an alternative team had been opposed by William Colby, Bush’s predecessor as CIA director and a career professional… Although the Team B report contained little factual data it was enthusiastically received by conservative groups such as the Committee on the Present Danger. But the report turned out to be grossly inaccurate… Team B was right about one thing. The CIA estimate was indeed flawed. But it was flawed in the other direction.”..

Now long forgotten, the origins of the Team B “problem” actually stretched back to the radical political views and biases of James Burnham, his association with the Communist Revolutionary Leon Trotsky and the creation of powerful eastern establishment ad hoc groups; the Committee on the Present Danger and the American Security Council. From the outset of the Cold War in the late 1940s an odd coalition of ex-Trotskyist radicals and right wing business associations had lobbied heavily for big military budgets, advanced weapons systems and aggressive action to confront Soviet Communism. Vietnam was intended to prove the brilliance of their theories, but as described by author Fred Kaplan, “Vietnam brought out the dark side of nearly everyone inside America’s national security machine. And it exposed something seamy and disturbing about the very enterprise of the defense intellectuals. It revealed that the concept of force underlying all their formulations and scenarios was an abstraction, practically useless as a guide to action.” (Wizards of Armageddon page. 336) Kaplan ends by writing “The disillusionment for some became nearly total.” Vietnam represented more than just a strategic defeat for America’s defense intellectuals; it represented a conceptual failure in the half-century battle to contain Soviet-style Communism but for Team B, that disillusionment represented the opportunity of a lifetime.

Populated by an inbred class of former Trotskyist intellectuals, the Team B approach represented a radical transformation of America’s national security bureaucracy into a new kind of elitist cult. In the 1960s Robert McNamara’s numbers and statistics justified bad policy decisions, now personal agendas and ethnic grudges would turn American foreign policy into an ideological crusade. Today those in control of that crusade fight desperately to maintain their grip, but only by de-encrypting the evolution of this secret “double government” can anyone understand America’s unrelenting post-Vietnam drift into despotism over the last 40 years.

Rooted in what can only be described as cult thinking, the Team B experiment tore down what was left of the CIA’s pre-Vietnam professional objectivity by subjecting it to politicization. Earlier in the decade, the CIA’s Office of Strategic Research (OSR) had been pressured by Nixon and Kissinger to corrupt their analysis to justify increased defense spending but the Team B’s ideological focus and partisan makeup so exaggerated the threat, the process could never return to normal.

The campaign was driven by the Russophobic neoconservative cabal which included Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pipes, Richard Perle and a handful of old anti-Soviet hardliners like Paul Nitze and General Danny Graham. It began with a 1974 article in the Wall Street Journal by the famed nuclear strategist and former Trotskyist Albert Wohlstetter decrying America’s supposed nuclear vulnerability. It ended 2 years later with a ritualistic bloodletting at the CIA, signaling that ideology and not fact-based analysis had gained an exclusive hold on America’s bureaucracy.

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