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Greensboro PAC Will Never be Built

From Dawn Kane at the N&R: GREENSBORO — The planned downtown performing arts center took a major step toward reality Tuesday when the City Council awarded a construction contract. By a vote of 8-1, the council awarded the $57.9 million contract … Continue reading

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Elm Street Grill

We had Saturday off, so we hit the ancient and venerable Smith Street Diner for breakfast, before going in to the store.  They regularly serve great meals to hundreds of people.  Our waitress, whom we’ve come to love, suggested we … Continue reading

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Antifa in Greensboro

Silly me, I thought from Charlottesville that Antifa looked like Ninja.  I’ve come to find that disaffected Millennials from Greensboro look more like stoners from Julian.  OK, Pleasant Garden. There’s the baggy jeans and tennis shoes.  Sometimes they own a … Continue reading

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The Prince of Greensboro

From June, 2016. Everyday’s Halloween for this kid. Mennonite? That’s right, little one. With all his money and influence, the most daddy could manage was running a brewery. Not even a restaurant.  But there’s a place next door selling street … Continue reading

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Davenport on Inequality

From Charles Davenport at the N&R: When Councilman Mike Barber proposed a 7.5 percent increase for the city’s police officers and firefighters several weeks ago, he encountered stiff resistance from two fellow members of the council: Sharon Hightower and Jamal … Continue reading

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Fractured Fun Fourth Festival

From the N&R: GREENSBORO — Nearly 300 additional police officers will be on-duty Monday and Tuesday to support the many Fun Fourth events in the city. Officers will be on foot, bicycles, Segways, motorcycles and in marked and unmarked patrol vehicles … Continue reading

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