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The Walking Dead

God knows I hate the AMC show as much as  I loved Breaking bad and Better Call Saul.  Maybe it’s because I’m from Liberty.   For the last twenty years I’ve been married and living up the road in Greensboro. … Continue reading

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Stone Faced

It’s been a good week, so far.  Twice, I’ve been able to sneak away from work and exhausted the available supply of old deck boards in Liberty, with 6 1×3′ flower boxes and 2 2×3 jumbos to show for it. … Continue reading

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Running from the Cats

Apologies for all the Facebook posts, today.  For some reason, the juices seem to be flowing.  I’ve had two nights of restful sleep here in Liberty.  I spent the weekend with the Wife, and that means the cats.  I woke … Continue reading

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