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Solution Porn

From Ellen Brown: The Fed has stopped its quantitative easing program, but in its last round (called “QE3”), it was buying $85 billion per month in securities. At that rate, it would have to fire up the digital printing presses … Continue reading

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Rinse and Repeat

We dare not open the windows at night, lest we be treated to the millennials next door, smoking cigs and talking way into the night.  I might not mind it so much if they had something to say, but they … Continue reading

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How the Left Will Win

I’ve been convinced for some time that the greatest domestic threat to American democracy lies with the Libertarian Koch brothers and the Christofascists who serve as useful idiots: Talent Market’s list of clients is a “who’s who” of the far … Continue reading

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He-Man Woman Hater’s University

I mowed the Wife’s yard yesterday and mine today after church let out.  She’s off to Raleigh with her mom in Fun Machine 2 for a baby shower.  I drove Fun Machine 1, even though it’s for sale on Craigslist. … Continue reading

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Zionists Behind the Curtain

Nothing I’ve read recently has stayed with me nearly so much as The history of the Neocon takeover of the USA at The Saker: Senator J. William Fulbright identified their irrational system for making endless war in Vietnam 45 years … Continue reading

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From Wolfgang Streek: Neoliberalism arrived with globalization or else globalization arrived with neoliberalism; that is how the Great Regression began… Heathen practices such as controls on the movement of capital, state aid and others were to be tracked down and … Continue reading

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The 28th Amendment

From a commenter at Zero Hedge: This is what it will take, in plain language, to save the world; and nobody gets hurt: 28th Amendment Corporations are not persons in any sense of the word and shall be granted only … Continue reading

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