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The Volcker Shock

From Tim Barker at n+1: IF SOMEONE WERE TO MAKE a movie about neoliberalism, there would need to be a starring role for the character of Paul Volcker. As chair of the Federal Reserve from 1979 to 1987, Volcker was the most … Continue reading

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US Social Collapse is Complete

Vladimir Putin in January 2017: You know, there is a category of people who leave without saying goodbye, out of respect for the situation that has evolved, so as not to upset anything. And then there are people who keep … Continue reading

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A New Kind of Poverty

From F. William Engdahl: China is by far Iran’s largest customer for its oil, importing some 650,000 barrels daily of the recent total export by Iran around 2.5 million barrels a day. India is second largest with around 500,000 a day … Continue reading

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Libtards and Guns

From Chris Hedges: There are some 310 million firearms in the United States, including 114 million handguns, 110 million rifles and 86 million shotguns. The number of military-style assault weapons in private hands—including the AR-15 semi-automatic rifles used in the … Continue reading

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Solution Porn

From Ellen Brown: The Fed has stopped its quantitative easing program, but in its last round (called “QE3”), it was buying $85 billion per month in securities. At that rate, it would have to fire up the digital printing presses … Continue reading

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Rinse and Repeat

We dare not open the windows at night, lest we be treated to the millennials next door, smoking cigs and talking way into the night.  I might not mind it so much if they had something to say, but they … Continue reading

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How the Left Will Win

I’ve been convinced for some time that the greatest domestic threat to American democracy lies with the Libertarian Koch brothers and the Christofascists who serve as useful idiots: Talent Market’s list of clients is a “who’s who” of the far … Continue reading

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