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Zionists Behind the Curtain

Nothing I’ve read recently has stayed with me nearly so much as The history of the Neocon takeover of the USA at The Saker: Senator J. William Fulbright identified their irrational system for making endless war in Vietnam 45 years … Continue reading

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Our Zionist Overlords

The US military’s soft coup is un fait accompli.  Trump is now a game show host working for the Zionists.  It was either get out in front or be run over.  He never had a chance. From Moon of Alabama: … Continue reading

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Zionism Controls Us

From Paul Craig Roberts: Bannon is correct that the US media – indeed, the entire Western print and TV media – is nothing but a propaganda machine for the ruling elite… It is paradoxical that the Democrats and the liberal-progressive-left … Continue reading

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