Obama the Persian

From Politico:

When President Barack Obama announced the “one-time gesture” of releasing Iranian-born prisoners who “were not charged with terrorism or any violent offenses” last year, his administration presented the move as a modest trade-off for the greater good of the Iran nuclear agreement and Tehran’s pledge to free five Americans…

In reality, some of them were accused by Obama’s own Justice Department of posing threats to national security. Three allegedly were part of an illegal procurement network supplying Iran with U.S.-made microelectronics with applications in surface-to-air and cruise missiles like the kind Tehran test-fired recently, prompting a still-escalating exchange of threats with the Trump administration. Another was serving an eight-year sentence for conspiring to supply Iran with satellite technology and hardware. As part of the deal, U.S. officials even dropped their demand for $10 million that a jury said the aerospace engineer illegally received from Tehran…

The biggest fish, though, was Seyed Abolfazl Shahab Jamili, who had been charged with being part of a conspiracy that from 2005 to 2012 procured thousands of parts with nuclear applications for Iran via China. That included hundreds of U.S.-made sensors for the uranium enrichment centrifuges in Iran whose progress had prompted the nuclear deal talks in the first place.

If, like me, you despise Zionism, its demonization of Shia Islam and co-option of Sunni Islam to its evil ends, then Obama remained loyal in his opposition to the Zionist global threat of war and destruction.

from Wikipedia:

Sufism continued to remain a crucial part of daily Islamic life until the twentieth century, when its historical influence upon Islamic civilization began to be undermined by modernism[71] as well as be combated by the rise of Salafism and Wahhabism.

The rise of Zionism is directly responsible for the radicalization of Sunni Islam.  Sure, the Ayatollahs are no fun, but neither are they reason to be permanent enemies of the hysterically paranoid Zionists.

And they are certainly no reason for a nation of ignorant and fearful Christofascists to be useful idiots in the traitorous policy of a foreign government over their own.

Rather than demonize Islam for its radicals, as the Zionists want, we should instead try and understand the terrible things Zionists have done and continue to do to Islamists, with our help and more often than not on their behalf.

With Trump’s recent betrayal of campaign pledges to be a peace-loving Nationalist, Obama’s compassion toward Iranians appears even more defiant.  While Obama does not leave a peaceful legacy, his treatment of Netanyahu and the Iranians give a resounding middle finger to the Zionists,  the enemy of those who love peace and freedom.

Trump’s Zionism will be problematic in his relations with China.  In a world recoiling from deflation caused by neoliberal globalism, Trump finds himself on the wrong side of history.  His legacy as a one term president, if that, is assured.

Obama will exit stage left with his dignity,  may proudly return to services of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and proclaim, “God damn, America,” with righteous conviction.

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Mad Dog Mattis is POTUS

It was the GOP plan all along, among the #NeverTrumpers and now it is reality.

Mattis pawned Trump last week with bad intel regarding our carrier groups.

From The Daily Beast, recently:

President Donald Trump has signaled that he wants his defense secretary, retired Marine Gen. Jim Mattis, to have a freer hand to launch time-sensitive missions quickly, ending what U.S. officials say could be a long approval process under President Barack Obama that critics claimed stalled some missions by hours or days.

That right there is what we call a military soft coup d’etat.  Not that it matters.

Trump’s concession to the Zionists will utterly destroy the Left, by capturing the oligarchs who fund them.

Trump may understand that the US military, lacking a victory in generations, is incapable of prosecuting its demented ambitions.

Whereas Russia is relatively stable, China’s problems are enormous and our involvement is intractable.

While the neocon warmongers bully North Korea once again, Trump understands illicit hot Chinese cash has been propping up the US housing market for years. Indeed, we hope to sell out to the Chinese someday, and you should, too.

Dealing with Trump is like dealing with a woman: at first, you’re gobsmacked by the things he says and does. But once you think about, they seem to make sense.

Nikki Haley is literally a fucking clown.  Her Imperial protestations  from day one at the UN signaled that Bannon, Trump et al were prepared to let the Zionists run the military as recklessly as they chose and had demonstrated in the past.  If so, the alt-right, with new eyes, saw that the US military is and has been a fraud since WWII and would lose WWIII.

Trump isn’t battling Deep State; he caved to the thoroughly corrupt agencies from the outset, as his cabinet appointments have hilariously displayed.

Hanging with Xi at Mar-a-Lago was a big deal, as the Syrian fireworks and subsequent Nork baiting exhibited.  They also delighted the Left and the Zionists, effectively ending the dead end Russian false narrative.

If we are to grow manufacturing, we must rely on the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Germans to do it.  It appears as though Trump is giving the Zionists rope to hang themselves, while making the right moves with China.

I’d love to think this subterfuge is admitted on background to all parties, which would mean what we are seeing is fantastic theater.


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The Walking Dead

God knows I hate the AMC show as much as  I loved Breaking bad and Better Call Saul.  Maybe it’s because I’m from Liberty.   For the last twenty years I’ve been married and living up the road in Greensboro.  We work together everyday and I spend half the week in the rental in Liberty.  I’d love to dish dirt, but it really comes down to the fact that she is consumed with running a successful business, caring for three cats and I am not.

I run the website, show up early, ship, shoot and leave when I can.

It’s a good life.  On weekends, I’m literally mobbed with feral cats whom I adore and the Wife, with whom I am not only able to work, but also have a really good time.

We hit Atlanta two weeks ago, where she bought Fall and I stayed out of trouble.  We should probably get into this.  As an adult male, capable of being held responsible by a female, sometimes doing nothing at all for hours is the absolute correct course of action.  Trust me, if you power down for thirty seconds, a female in your midst will give you direction.

But I digress.  (Fuck it, I hit MARTA to Dillard’s and scored some killer shirts).  The Wife and I used to be popular, prior to opening The Store.  During the early nineties, we were  fixtures at our fave restaurant and among friends.  But the Wife was selling ads to people, among others, who owned clothing stores and set around all day reading mags.

Combined with the fact she couldn’t find nice clothes to wear, came a decision to open a plus size store.  That was in 2000 and we’ve moved thrice.  Of course, the last people I need to talk to at the show in Atlanta about the website are her direct competitors, so I am verboten.

It’s just as well, similar to bringing a four year-old:  I’m constantly in trouble for saying the wrong thing (anything.)  I hang out in the hotel rooms and wander around back stage.  (Sorry, that’s Jackson Browne. Our lives are so similar, I tend to get confused.)

Standing in line at Food Lion this evening was a beautiful woman sporting grey curly tresses and Doc Martin’s with little birds.  I was gobsmacked.  In the old days, I might have chatted her up, but now, I was much too risk averse.  What if she was hooked on heroin, or worse, a Christian.  The shoes said no, but I refrained.

At Oscar’s lab on main street, we’ve all struck off inviolate boundaries of conversation and contact, lest one of us contaminate the rest with unforeseen addiction to opioids.  Relationships like mine become tenuous to remain possible and the specter of fucking up looms large.

As ever, we desire the company of those denied us and revile those who would.  In my case, that includes some unsavory neighbors, whom I enjoy hanging out with, but must keep my distance, lest I become infected.

Unmedicated mental illness grows rampant like Kudzu, ruining every conversation with mania, depression and delusion.  Of course, these creatures constantly run afoul of the law, who prey upon them like buzzards.  I can’t imagine what it must be like for black people.  In Greensboro, you have 750 cops for 350K people.  In Liberty it’s a dozen for 3500 people, a small subset of whom dare to frequent the handful of bars.  The numbers are decidedly against them, and yet they persist.

What makes it so bad is that in the late ’70s, Liberty Drive-In was a Mecca for young adults to hang out.  Back then, we knew how to be cool and rap with one another.  Now, you get strange looks going to pick up a pizza.

So, I keep my shit very tight.  I don’t chat up women in the grocery store and I don’t hit the bars.  What I have is precious to me and I, like the few people I know, ain’t prepared to risk it by opening up to strangers.

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The Pentagon Highlands Forum

Now that Trump has pragmatically acquiesced to the dark side of foreign policy and abandoned the nationalistic promises made during his quixotic campaign, we should become familiar with our new neocon masters.

From Nafeez Ahmed in 2015:

The post-Cold War period saw the Pentagon’s creation of the Highlands Forum in 1994 under the wing of former defense secretary William Perry — a former CIA director and early advocate of neocon ideas like preventive war…

O’Neill reveals that the Pentagon Highlands Forum was, fundamentally, about exploring not just the goals of government, but the interests of participating industry leaders like Enron…

Through the late 1990s, Enron was working with California-based US energy company Unocal to develop an oil and gas pipeline that would tap Caspian basin reserves, and carry oil and gas across Afghanistan, supplying Pakistan, India and potentially other markets. The endeavor had the official blessing of the Clinton administration, and later the Bush administration, which held several meetings with Taliban representatives to negotiate terms for the pipeline deal throughout 2001. The Taliban, whose conquest of Afghanistan had received covert assistance under Clinton, was to receive formal recognition as the legitimate government of Afghanistan in return for permitting the installation of the pipeline.

Enron paid $400 million for a feasibility study for the pipeline, a large portion of which was siphoned off as bribes to Taliban leaders, and even hired CIA agents to help facilitate.

Then in summer 2001, while Enron officials were liaising with senior Pentagon officials at the Highlands Forum, the White House’s National Security Council was running a cross-departmental ‘working group’ led by Rumsfeld and Cheney to help complete an ongoing Enron project in India, a $3 billion power plant in Dabhol. The plant was slated to receive its energy from the Trans-Afghan pipeline

Then in June 2001, the same month that Enron’s executive vice president Steve Kean attended the Pentagon Highlands Forum, the company’s hopes for the Dabhol project were dashed when the Trans-Afghan pipeline failed to materialize, and as a consequence, construction on the Dabhol power plant was shut down. The failure of the $3 billion project contributed to Enron’s bankruptcy in December…

By August, desperate to pull off the deal, US officials threatened Taliban representatives with war if they refused to accept American terms: namely, to cease fighting and join in a federal alliance with the opposition Northern Alliance; and to give up demands for local consumption of the gas…

Two days before 9/11, Condoleeza Rice received the draft of a formal National Security Presidential Directive that Bush was expected to sign immediately. The directive contained a comprehensive plan to launch a global war on al-Qaeda, including an “imminent” invasion of Afghanistan to topple the Taliban. The directive was approved by the highest levels of the White House and officials of the National Security Council, including of course Rice and Rumsfeld. The same NSC officials were simultaneously running the Dhabol Working Group to secure the Indian power plant deal for Enron’s Trans-Afghan pipeline project. The next day, one day before 9/11, the Bush administration formally agreed on the plan to attack the Taliban.


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Our Zionist Overlords

The US military’s soft coup is un fait accompli.  Trump is now a game show host working for the Zionists.  It was either get out in front or be run over.  He never had a chance.

From Moon of Alabama:

Trump contradicted his speaker, the State Department and his allies by congratulating the Turkish President Erdogan for winning Sunday’s referendum vote. He undermined his diplomacy…

What is most concerning is the fact that a 45 minute call is extremely long for such an occasion…

Foreign countries can no longer rely on official U.S. administration statements unless Trump personally voices his agreement with them.

Likewise, there’s no need to blame son-in-law, Jared Kushner, for Trump’s pivot on foreign policy.  The Zionist neocon warmongers would have found someone else.

Of course, Steve Bannon is effectively window dressing in the Trump administration.

Would that we were looking at Obama’s third term.  Instead, it’s a designed cabinet of lunatic neophytes with apparently no policy other than anarchy.  From that view, a general’s decision to drop a MOAB or POTUS endorsing a new dictator makes sense in that nothing makes sense.

The problem is US carrier groups converging on the ROK for yearly maneuvers, precisely during the DPRK rice harvest, could easily start a war the Russians and Chinese will finish.  Never mind that the DPRK was razed to the ground in the fifties and marginalized since, resulting in immense suffering and death for generations.  But the Zionist chicken hawks are famous for bullying the poor, such as those in Palestine.

Thomas Friedman, who sits on the Pentagon’s neocon Highland Forum, recently suggested we end any pretensions otherwise and actively support ISIS in Syria.  Don’t be surprised if Trump also makes that happen.

Whereas the Trump admin looks like anarchy, it is consistent with the reckless way neocons, who know or care little about military consequences, conduct themselves.  At some point, the world may end without anyone knowing what happened, but we can be sure it will be caused by the neocons.

The absence of rational actors invites a nuclear first strike.

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My Robots

This is actually a post on Universal Basic Income, a concept which sends the Wife around the bend, but I’ll get to that.  It turns out I spend a lot of time with a robot named Peggy because the wooden dowels I gave her are all she has for gams.

Peggy has no working parts and yet has become integral to our little operation where I am employed, again with the Wife.  Peggy waits sometimes for days, patiently and without a word, probably because she doesn’t have a head, until the lights suddenly come on, she is dressed with the latest fashions and photographed for the internet.

I don’t know if Peggy has a family.  She never even goes home, probably because she has no legs, but I try not to discriminate against the disabled.  I assume the Wife is paying her something, but it’s none of my business.  She never complains.

Last week,  I mowed the yard (cut the grass at the country club) at both places (Liberty is a killer) and pretty much fell victim to all the weed and feed I put out.  Oh look, it’s finally raining.    Both my robot mowers saved me from having to deal with an otherwise problem.  I love these guys.  They’re MVPs every time out, for just a shot of gasoline.

Yesterday (my only day off, but don’t feel sorry for me), I got up around 8, wandered outside and started weeding the raised beds and watering everything.  By the time the Wife showed up outside, I was unloading the utility room and running the ShopVac (the Wife called me one Friday night, many years ago, and told me a customer’s colostomy bag had burst at the register, and we cleaned it up, so I cherish this device).   While she got ready to go adventuring in the Fun Machine, I continued vacuuming the patio, which was being mercilessly assaulted with tree stuff.

The Fun Machine (1999 VW Cabrio, AKA Barbie Car) verily leaped at the opp to put the top down and chariot the Wife and I to literally nowhere for a couple of hours on a gorgeous day.  We returned, having visited Chili’s (no fucking shit, you have to try it), the Village Tavern (meh), and two Dollar Trees (please kill me.)

So yeah, I got lots of robots upon whom I depend, and I’m forgetting a lot of very important ones.  They’re all incredibly modest unsung heroes and I love them dearly (don’t even get me started on my computers and guitars).

Problem is the Wife is not a robot and I never know what she’s gonna do or say.  Since we work together and I’m her robot, I spend Monday through Wednesday or Thursday nights in Liberty with my robots, with whom I’m very happy.

I enjoy weekends at her place, where there are three feral cats spoiled beyond belief, and they are anything but robots.

Honorable mention goes to washers, dryers, fridges, ovens, HVAC systems and water heaters (sooted up coupling fixed in mere seconds, which was a lot fucking shorter than the time it took me to move all the stuff out and vacuum).

Did I mention I love my ShopVac?

Oh yeah, I never got around to UBI.  Aren’t you glad?


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US Military Incompetent

From The Saker:

“In an editorial penned for Foreign Policy, senior Pentagon policy official Rosa Brooks publicly suggested a military insurrection against the Trump administration may be the only option to oust one of the most divisive presidents in American history.”

If memory serves me right, in 2011 was a distinct threat issued by Steve Pieczenik on YouTube to Obama and his administration that the military and intelligence stopped considering the presidential power to be legitimate and went on  making themselves to be the real government.

This tells me that no matter who takes the presidency, the US armed forces and the intelligence community refuse to recognize the country’s civilian government.

From Larchmonter445 in the comments:

Nonsense to Military Coup. They are merely frustrated over the years of pathetic Obama oversight and are reacting to being off that leash.

Trump has amassed about 10-15% of the Presidency.

He is in a tight box and is doing whatever he has to move forward.

The strikes in Syria and Afghanistan were predictable.
He will do something in North Korea if Kim goes over the line.

The US Military is built to lose long wars. It can not handle a nation like Russia.
It also is discovering that it can’t handle a nation like China.

The US has the wrong weapons and wrong training to take on first world nations.
Even Iran, now with some good air defenses is a dicey option.

It all works on paper and in simulations. But reality is disastrous for the mighty men of the Pentagon.

So, they can’t take casualties. They have risked nothing in either strikes, firing from distances so safe as to laughable as “combat”.

Do the men of the Pentagon want to dominate the globe with their AirSeaLandSpaceCyber commands? Of course, if they can do it with virtually no loss of manpower to the regulars, and few lost machines or ships.

So, that leaves them nations with no air defenses and irregular forces like AQ, Taliban and ISIS to stand off and strike.

Look at these mighty men of the Pentagon. Clustered with 28 nations of NATO, the four eyes in lockstep, the Arab-Israeli shotgun marriage alliance and still they scare no one. The Russian MOD called them out on the pathetic show of force.
And the mere cancellation of the deconfliction agreement prompted their allies to stay on the tarmac.

Kim looked them in the eye, spit at Trump and his limp dick military armada and fired his celebratory missile.

This is almost as good as “Team America World Police”. Derka derka!


Is the US dangerous? Worst terror military in history. What’s the total since WWII?
30 million dead? Exceptional!

But these military mediocrities juiced, just like ISIS, on meth (Go pills), are not going to start WWIII. Though an accident might happen the way they are thrust at their “enemies”.

Taking over the government is totally outside the US military imagination. That’s for fiction writers. Will they bog down in adventures? Of course. That’s what they do. Africa is calling and McMaster and Mattis are saying “Yes”. They want to redo Afghanistan. They want to push Russian and China around in Afghan and Pakistan. They want to rule the ME and NA. Run that tab. It’s about 3 Trillion for Trump’s first term. Which will seal him off as a one-term failure of epic proportions.
Not including the disasters on three continents. And that’s without North Korea in the mix.

And if he doesn’t push China around in the South China Sea, the US Navy will be incensed. So, how does that end?

This is a Spring and Summer War Spectacular starring Donald and the Generals.
It will be ended like a show on TV that runs 6 weeks. No support for wars, no money for wars, no victories in any of these wars. Trump will switch to some other script.

This would have gone over big four years ago.

Americans want ISIS crushed, AQ extinguished.
There is none of that in this Military under Mattis and McMaster.
Both are excuse makers for radical Islam. They voice the same policies as the Liberals and Obama. Americans are really alert and upset by these two warmongers who represent the same lunacy as McCain.

It’s a travesty. Trump can’t sell it. And the bodies haven’t started coming home to Dover.

A soft military coup is a fait accompli. We must rely upon our supposed enemies to save us from ourselves.

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