Trump’s Brilliant Misdirection

I was sitting in the Hard Rock Cafe Downtown Atlanta when I learned that Trump had ordered 59 Tomahawks launched at what turned out to be a military junkyard outside Damascus.  By doing so, he thrilled the neocon warmongers.

The next time, although I’m sure there are more, that Trump used misdirection was approving Obama’s Saudi arms deal for things which have yet to be built.  This emboldened the KSA to attack Qatar, moving them closer to an alliance with Iran, a Zionist goal.  And since Qatar has our largest foreign base, no big deal.

Trump’s wild gesticulations toward North Korea don’t make sense, as it is highly unlikely they have developed an ICBM reentry vehicle capable of withstanding 7000C degrees and 50Gs deceleration.  The US hasn’t tested one since 1962, so it’s highly likely we don’t have one either.

It turns out Pyongyang has been asking for de-nuclearization talks for years, but US policy has been to ignore it.  China has sold the DPRK equipment to design missiles and Russian physicists are helping with primitive nuclear weapons.  The Norks do a lot of manufacturing which is sold as Made in China, who responded to UN sanctions by closing a road on the border, but leaving open the road to North Korea most traveled.

Trump is not being played for a fool, but is part of a grand ruse to accommodate the Zionist neocon warmongers in Deep State.  Meanwhile, reps from Russia, China, Japan and both Koreas met in Vladivostok a couple of weeks ago to iron out plans for a railway and pipeline to run through North Korea, connecting South Korea to East Asia.  Nork ports will also be improved for more traffic.  Make no mistake, despite decades of sanctions, North Korea prospers, thanks to Russia and China.

Trump’s latest misdirection is his greatest.  He well knows the US military, just like NASA, can’t order lunch without fucking it up.  Faced with an Ashkenazi son-in-law, he surrounded himself with the very best generals and gave them carte blanche to prosecute the illegal war in Syria.  The result is that we lost.

The same thing is happening in Astan.  Trump is giving these ultimate yes men sufficient rope to hang themselves and the Pentagon.  Then he can use the recently approved $700B for the military to fix places like Texas and Florida.

He gives the Russians two days to vacate US properties and they pretend that damage to our relationship is irreparable.  Trump can enjoy dinner with Ivanka and everyone involved laughs at Jared.

Nikki Haley is encouraged to channel Samantha Power at the UN, while Tillerson guts the State Dept.

Trump crosses the aisle to get funding for Harvey and the debt ceiling, greatly injuring a recalcitrant GOP Congress.

Having written at least two books on domestic and foreign policy, Trump cut Bannon loose to answer charges he isn’t his own man.

He acknowledged a US military base in Israel which has actually been there for twenty years.

Trump is a master of misdirection and is doing great things to advance the causes of peace and prosperity.

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US Defeated in Syria

From Russia Insider:

President Trump gave the American field commanders in Syria the authority to launch strikes, raids and campaigns as in an active war zone, loosening restrictions protecting civilians. The measure did not help drastically change the situation in US favor. The Pentagon initiated the ill-fated ‘train and equip” program to have pro-US forces on the ground. It failed and was cancelled. The America-backed rebels tried to launch offensives along the Jordanian border but to no avail.

The United States had to pull out from al-Tanf, one of three official border crossings between Syria and Iraq, to leave the border area to pro-Syrian government forces. The US-led coalition had decided not to enter the eastern city of Deir ez Zor, where Syrian troops recently broke the IS siege that had lasted for three years. No gains were made. Nothing worked. By and large, all the hard efforts have gone down the drain. The American influence on the events in Syria is limited.

From Moon of Alabama:

Trump was seen as a presidential candidate who would possibly move towards a less interventionist foreign policy. That hope is gone. The insurgency that brought Trump to the top was defeated by a counter-insurgency campaign waged by the U.S. military. (Historically its first successful one). The military has taken control of the White House process and it is now taking control of its policies.

But remember, this is the same military which hasn’t won since WWII.

From the comments:

A couple of President Truman quotes: “It’s the fellows who go to West Point and are trained to think they’re gods in uniform that I plan to take apart”. . .”I didn’t fire him [General MacArthur] because he was a dumb son of a bitch, although he was, but that’s not against the law for generals. If it was, half to three quarters of them would be in jail.”

The main problem with generals is that most (not all) of them got to where they are by sucking up to higher authority, or “go along to get along.” Then couple that with all the perks they get including fine housing, enlisted servants and a fat $250K pension for full generals, and they look at themselves in the mirror with all their fancy ribbons and medals and naturally adopt Harry Truman’s “gods in uniform” opinion of themselves, forgetting that they have become successful in an isolated military milieu that favors appearance and disregards lack of accomplishment. And the current crop of generals certainly lacks accomplishment…

Rumsfeld should have been told that if he wanted to steal Iraq he’d need half a million men – but the generals tried to do the impossible and steal Iraq with a third that number because more was politically sensitive.

If politicians are going to have a war, leave it to able generals to plan it. Or lose…

USA has met its comeuppance. Russia and China need not fire a shot.

Prosperity of the exceptional ones is an illusion built on hundreds of trillions of debt…

Anybody who believes that imperial US is run by civilians is SIMPLY gullible since no emporia were ever run by civilians by definition. Roman Empire was run over last 200 year explicitly by generals COMMANDING armies of foreign mercenaries like US today in NATO and ASEAN .

What has changed is that veil of deceit has failed and with Trump those warmongering cockroaches came out of WH woodwork to see a light and took openly control of what they already controlled clandestinely…

…and as the coffers wane and the hoi polloi grows fractious, they can ponder the unconquerableness of their adversaries.

From South Front:

On Sunday, Syrian and Iraqi forces officially met on the border near Akashat. The SAA and Hezbollah deployed several special force and armoured units right on the border line. According to the UK-based Al-Araby Al-Jadeed newspaper, the sides had agreed to establish three joint positions there.

Damascus gave Iraqi forces a permission to enter 10km deep inside the Syrian territory if needed. Iraqi sources claimed that some Syrian battle tanks and armoured vehicles of entered the Iraqi territory and joined Iraqi units…

On Monday, Syrian forces crossed the Euphrates east of Deir Ezzor. Since start of September, the SDF and pro-SDF sources have repeatedly claimed that they will not allow the SAA to cross the Euphrates. So what now?

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The Ben Franklin Effect

From Thomas Frank:

So what you see in America basically in the last 20 or 30 years is both parties speak to different segments of the wealthy. The Republicans have the 1%, the people with inherited wealth, the people who are really way up there. Koch brothers, Walton family, that kind of thing. The Democrats speak to the top 10%. Your affluent suburban professionals, people with advanced degrees, people who live in the nice suburbs. And these are people that I live among, I am one of these people.

If Frank is right, we’re about to see a battle between the 1% (GOP) and the 10% (Dems).

The 10% will demand compassion in the face of disasters, whereas the 1% is IGMFU.

Ivanka’s dad will choose the former.

Harvey and Irma will bring out the difference between socialism and barbarism.

Trump will use the Ben Franklin effect to ingratiate himself with the DNC and win their support.

By 2020, lunatics on the Left will be rabid supporters.

Trump will become known as The Great Redeemer.

From North Korea:

This is why even defectors, when they flee, usually turn into devout fundamentalist Christians.

Trump’s eulogy of Hillary will seal the deal.

It will begin with Mueller’s pronouncement that Orange Jesus is truly without sin.

Mueller’s congressional testimony will be a Nancy boy sobfest of adulation.

When hatred has been exhausted, all that remains is affection. – Fecund Stench

We become the thing we hate.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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Fall Semester

Twenty-two years ago, a white girl had a baby with a black boy.  There was gunplay.

Around that time, 2 white guys blew their brains out because their daughters were dating black kids.

That kid is moving into my house.

Thirty years ago, after my dad died, I bought the house.  I think he would be pleased.

I retain one bedroom.  He’s prepping the walls to paint.

His mom showed up last week and I answered all her questions.

I’ll produce a lease for them to consider.

He’s nice, smart and enormous.

He’s the future.

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Amoral Pygmies

From the comments at Moon of Alabama:

NK isn’t threatening to attack anyone; they just want to be left alone; and sovereign.

For critical thinking-able humans sovereignty is the bottom line; NK insist’s on its sovereignty.

It’s important to note; at least 28 countries (and counting?) have given up their sovereignty to the U.S. in the guise of NATO membership. Numerous other countries have, if not literally, then effectively, given up their sovereignty to the U.S. outright.

Demand sovereignty, and one automatically becomes an enemy; bend the knee or die.

Why Kim Jong Un Isn’t Afraid of Donald Trump:

If they did not attack us when we didn’t have nuclear weapons and missile that could reach them, they are not going to do it now…

He is likely to view Donald Trump much like his predecessors—as a president who doesn’t like North Korea’s nuclear capabilities but with few realistic options for stopping it.

Mattis Warns U.S. Could Bring ‘Total Annihilation’ to North Korea:

We made clear that we have the ability to defend ourselves and our allies, South Korea and Japan, from any attack,” Mattis said of the U.S. military.

What the Media isn’t Telling You About North Korea’s Missile Tests:

[F]or the last three weeks, Japan, South Korea and the US have been engaged in large-scale joint-military drills on Hokkaido Island and in South Korea. These needlessly provocative war games are designed to simulate an invasion of North Korea and a “decapitation” operation to remove (Re: Kill) the regime…

Monday’s missile test (which flew over Hokkaido Island) was conducted just hours after the war games ended.

From Counterpunch:

As military technology specialists Markus Schiller and Theodore Postol point out, “It is unlikely that North Korea now has a nuclear weapon that weighs as little as 1000 kg. It is also unlikely that such a first-generation nuclear weapon would be capable of surviving the unavoidable 50 G deceleration during warhead reentry from a range of nearly 10,000 kilometers.

We have a navy which can’t sail, an air force which can’t fly and an army which can’t win.

China decided long ago to buy us rather than invade.


They didn’t recognize pictures of the Taj Mahal or Egyptian pyramids…

Once you look at how this whole thing began it makes some sense why North Korea uses this hatred of the United States as a tool to justify and uphold the Great Leader myth.

Could North Korea Annihilate Seoul with Its Artillery?:

Despite the thousands of artillery pieces, only 700 heavier guns and rocket launchers, plus the newer 300-millimeter MRLs, have the range to strike Seoul. Only a third would normally be fired at once, and notional rates of fire would be slowed tremendously by the need to withdraw guns into their hardened artillery sites (HARTS) to shelter them from counter battery fire.

From The Saker:

It is difficult to talk to people who confuse Austria and Australia. But there is nothing we can do about this; this is the level of political culture among part of the American establishment. As for the American people, America is truly a great nation if the Americans can put up with so many politically uncivilised people.

Vladimir Putin

Yesterday, another well-know Russian politician, Sergei Markov, referred to the American leadership as “amoral pygmies”!

From Larchmonter445 in the comments:

The direct threats in the Far East from the Hegemon are not just aimed at Pyongyang. They are aimed at China and Russia. The THAAD missile radars ‘see’ 1000-2000 miles into both adversaries. This defeats the second strike MAD protection of China and Russia. It is untenable.

Combined with the threats in Ukraine and the Black Sea Nato moves with Aegis Ashore missile defense and other EW systems of the US creeping right to Russia’s borders, Putin has to defend from the existential threats in the West, also…

Look at Minsk 2. Total legal snare he threw over Kiev.

Look at the Syrian strategies of military, diplomacy, deconfliction, de-escalation zones and local reconciliation agreements (thousands of them). This is pure Putin…

The arctic is heavily Russian-owned because Putin won the international legal battle…

The North and South Koreans are in Vladivostok today talking with him.

From The Saker:

We beat them is Syria, we are beat[ing] them in the Ukraine, they lost Afghanistan, they lost Iraq, their Navy apparently does not know how to use a radar, their soldiers are terrified to fight somebody capable of resistance, they failed to impress not only China, but even the North Koreans who are openly laughing at them. Hezbollah laughs at them. Even Venezuela refuses to be scared! The Iranians openly threaten them with consequences if they back out of the deal they signed. Even Pakistan is openly expressing its disgust with the USA. Ditto for Turkey. Heck – the Americans are losing on all fronts and the very best they can do is try to feel good about illegally harassing our diplomatic personnel! Pathetic, lame, losers!

North Korea is ‘YEARS away from NUCLEAR missile’ Russian official claims after ICBM test:

What they are testing are quite primitive devices which require months for preparation, and which are essentially pieces of equipment with all sorts of wires and additional elements around, which simply cannot be put on top of any missile.

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The Houston Lesson

AYK, what the citizens of Houston are enduring as a result of Harvey is unprecedented and horrific beyond imagining.  No amount of preparation could have been sufficient to deal with what follows.  That it happened to Houston is in one way fortunate (they are the only people left who know how to build things) and in another unfortunate (fascist Libertarians and Christofascists impose austerity on the poor).

Houston is capable of much.  But it does not have a record of being good stewards to “the least of us.”  Indeed, threats of Texas secession have concerned those capable of concern for the lives of the marginalized sans the protections of the US Constitution.

This disaster is such that all responders will be exhausted of energy and funding.  Quite simply, Houston, if responded to effectively, represents a significant lurch toward socialism.  Absent permanent war, we can afford it.

Climate change turns out to favor nationalism.  We’re gonna need all our energy to deal with Houston and what else may come after.  Odds are, despite all our saber rattling abroad, that black swans associated with weather events will spell our doom.

That new vehicle is about to become a lot more expensive to drive.

This couldn’t come at a worse time for the auto industry.

Texas, already a Banana Republic, will never recover.

This single weather event could devastate the economy.    The stock market is not the economy.

But I voted for Trump, so I can’t blame climate change.

Regardless, the auto loan and home mortgage security markets are about to be destabilized.

Millions of acres will be brown fields.

We’ll be lucky to escape a nuclear event.

This will provide the excuse for domestic military mobilization.

Tens of thousands of the worst White people you’ve ever met are coming our way.

Denied privileged entitlement for the first time in generations, they will be murderously insane.

The Walking Dead will be Texans.

Of course, a Federal Job Guarantee/Universal Basic Income/$15 Minimum Wage would end all of this. Instead, we’ll have dystopia.

Cheap gas offered an unprecedented financial opp to pay down debt. Instead, everybody bought a pickup truck.

The good news is the Koch brothers are probably ruined.

This is not Katrina. Hundreds of billions of asset value has been erased overnight.

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Fearrington Village

The Wife and I had the day off, yesterday and took Darth Beetle to Pittsboro, looking for a clothing store she’s heard about.

We parked in a blighted area behind the restaurant, walked in, sat down at the bar and began sampling the fare.  I had no interest in their selections on tap and ordered a Blue Moon.  The Antifa fascists running the place put me off, so we left.

We travel around in a convertible, trying to find things with a $85 smartphone.  The Wife can’t see the phone and when she gets a glimpse, the GPS is mocking us.  So, we end up going the wrong was on 64, 87 and 15-501.

I’ve done this enough to find Fearrington Village.  If you can find the entrance, then you continue to be faced with minimal signage.  I’m not yet in my dotage and my corrected eyesight is perfect.  I can’t imagine how oldsters find anything here.

So, you park and walk.  But nearly everything is closed by now.

So, you go to the deli, the only thing open.

Antifa fascists running the place.  A bunch of guys.  Slow, untrained and don’t know anything about the food they’re serving.

That’s the thing about college.  A degree does not abolish the need to be educated.

This is why we keep going back to Chilis.  Responsible restaurants keep Blue Moon on tap.

And why would I want to waste my time on swill made in Bear Creek?

The place she was looking for was actually in Apex.  We’ll get’er next time.

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